Necessary and Possible


It’s called life. And despite my best intentions to control it, it still keeps happening when I have other plans.

And I have plans.

Plans that aren’t panning out at the moment. I take courage in the fact, however, that Life Begins At 40. I am not there yet. I still have a few more years to fine tune my motor, develop my mind, ready myself for what may possibly lie ahead.

And isn’t exciting to think that there is more lying ahead. Depressing if I think about the negative left behind; concerning if I focus on more of the bad, and less of the good. But exciting when I shift my attentions to the infinite possibilities of greatness coming my way.

Today, I read a quote that encouraged me…
Francis of Assisi said : “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

Necessary – check.

Possible – check.

Impossible – challenge accepted.

Ah, yes, the awkward stage between birth and death.



5 thoughts on “Necessary and Possible

  1. Reblogged this on nopassingfancy and commented:

    I wrote this post 4 years ago. Where has the time gone?
    Of late, I seem to be accepting a lot of impossible challenges – but instead of being afraid for the majority, there is an exciting expectancy for the future. Ah yes, this thing called life.

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    1. I am now at the stage in life where looking back to my 40th birthday in July 2004 for the year before I was with my Dr nearly every week, I had their number on speed dial and I really hated the weekend. I realise now that a part of that was because of the relationship and marriage that I was in.
      My 40th came and went and I was in the same place still struggling and still not living the life that I wanted to, my religion didn’t help because I was a Mormon and I was told to accept what God had given me.
      The next 10 years just dragged on and on and nothing changed until I took control.
      I sat down with my Bishop in church and told him that I would be leaving shortly after my 50th birthday and again I was told that God had a plan for me and I should be patient, my now ex wife held a large barbecue for me and about 40 people or so turned up and I sat in my living room feeling very lonely and vulnerable watching everyone watching me that was July 2014.
      August 2014 I was given a way out and I took it and only then did I really start living and yes I look at mortality but since 2014 I have loved every minute of my life although I suffer from depression, I know that I am able to achieve the best possible outcomes in my life.
      I have hopes, dreams and aspirations but I am fulfilling some of them each day because of the choices that I make.

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