Are you empty or full?

I read something the other day that made me really smile somewhere deep in my heart. Since this doesn’t happen very often lately, I was delighted. I made a cup of coffee, and returned to read it again. I don’t remember now who said it, or where – possibly one of the random musings on a social platform – but I really liked it. It went something like this (and if it was yours, please claim the credit – so far, Google claims the author is unknown) :

“People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full miss the point. The glass is refillable.”

The half full/half empty idiom is used to explain how people see the world they are in. Half full is naturally a positive response – choosing to see the brightness in a dull world. Half empty is the negative perspective – people seeing problems and obstacles in every situation. Then there are those who had an extra bowl of breakfast cereal, and a really good cup of coffee, in the morning. They will respond with something along the lines of, “The glass is always full – with water, and air”.

In my own experience, the answer all depends on when you ask me. In my life, there have been moments where the glass is simply overflowing – with health, happiness, love (sadly, never with money). And then there have been those moments where my heart is breaking, the smile has gone from my eyes, and my head is throbbing – I am definitely on the way to having an empty glass.

And here’s where that beautiful saying that made my heart smile comes in.

That almost empty glass – the one with negativity and pain and hurt? It can be refilled! Naturally, I have to be careful what I choose to top it up with. It’s so easy when you’re in a negative place in life, to fill the cup with more hurt and pain. But when you get a chance for a do-over, is that really what you want to do?

Sometimes, it’s not a matter of what we want. It just happens. Things are so bad that we struggle to find anything positive to pour into our quickly emptying glass. Our thirst becomes very real as we think we can actually see the drops evaporating into the air. Our breath catches in our throats as we wonder, “is this all there is?”

That small voice that you’ve been ignoring? It says, “No”. Barely a whisper, but you know you heard it. Listen! Focus on what could be, and not what is. Start small… will grow. Breathe. Read some corny jokes, stare at some crazy cat pictures, remember the time your friend walked into a pole. You owe it to yourself. Start filling your glass with the little things that matter, for as John Wooden once said,

It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.


7 thoughts on “Are you empty or full?

  1. Hey!!!! Great to see you on here again😀

    Such a lovely post. Indeed it is all about perspective! The way we ‘choose’ to look at life or the situations we’re in makes all the difference.

    I’ve been on both sides of the coin as, like you said, things happened beyond my control and all I could do was survive. Thankfully, things have started to settle and I can once again focus on happier things. Laughter and music are two of the things that help the most in resetting my mind. And of course, without God to guide and comfort, especially in times of despair hope for a future is almost nonexistent.

    So glad to see you posting again. You’ve been missed! Happy New Year!!! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s always great knowing someone has missed you 🙂
      Yip. Perspective! Some people look at a Dandelion and see a weed. Me? I see a hundred wishes I haven’t yet made 😉
      Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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