It’s in the little things of that moment when…

Today is a day where I find myself experiencing chronic fatigue, and an overwhelming urge to pull the duvet over my head and sleep till all the big things that are plaguing me and causing me undue stress have passed – because all things pass and come to an end sometime, right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the big things, ignoring them or hiding from them does not make them go away – they just become bigger, and more overwhelming. They need to be dealt with, one step at a time. Giants need to be faced – even if you have to wear an adult diaper to do so.

It’s taken me a really long time (pretty much my whole life) to realize that when the big things threaten my peace of mind and leave me feeling lost in a sea of hopelessness, I should take a moment and remember some of the good ‘little’ things that make me happy. In doing so, I am usually able to draw a little extra strength for the tasks at hand.

So here are some ‘memories’ for my ‘little things’ today :

– That moment when you’re away from harsh lights and the big city, and look up at the night sky, and see a million stars looking back at you.

– That moment when you’ve reached the end of a long day, and are driving home in exhaustion, and are able to experience the glorious colors of a beautiful sunset.

– That moment when you wake with a start, see the time and realize you’re going to be so late, and then remember it’s Saturday and you can close your eyes again!

– That moment when your child spontaneously turns to you and says the magic words, “Thank you for all that you do for us, Mom”.

– That moment when you’ve tried a new recipe and it looks good, and tastes even better!

What are some of your ‘little things’?


4 thoughts on “It’s in the little things of that moment when…

  1. I was having a rough time getting out of bed so I started setting my alarm 20 minutes early so I could wake up and cuddle with my husband. Just starting my day off with that moment, even though he usually sleeps through that early alarm, helps me through everything else that comes my way

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  2. I love it when a plan comes together and I don’t just mean for me. I love watching people achieve, especially when it is people I know personally and I know what their achievements have cost them.


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