Discovering South Dakota

My new friend recently added a blog post centered around some random facts about himself. This is a great idea, and if he doesn’t mind me ‘borrowing’ it to a certain degree, then I may just let you all get to know me a bit better (adding to the info you can already obtain from my past posts) – be afraid, be very afraid 😉 Just kidding. I’m actually not very scary, and not all that interesting either!

*Side note* If you haven’t read any of his blog posts, then please give them a try. You’ll find him here. I thoroughly enjoy reading his posts – his honesty is refreshing, and there’s always something funny thrown in there to make you smile. 

But my blog today is a little unusual, because it’s a very brief review for a place I have never been. What happened was this: In sharing with my new friend the list of places the children and I would like to visit in the USA, the suggestion was made that perhaps I should also look at South Dakota. I am delighted (my bank account, not so much) to say that I have added it to our list. Without further ado, I give you the results of my ‘research’ – although mostly it’s the reasons I want to visit….and the things I want to see.

I’m a rivers and lakes and mountains and trees kind-of-girl. South Dakota has all of this, by the looks of it – and more.
Mountain Lions. There are mountain lions. I’m sold! How amazing to see one in real life – so long as I’m far enough away for there to be no casualties. (There are plenty of lions where I live, and two years ago I was holding a white lion cub in my arms – but there’s something strange and wonderful about a mountain lion, for me anyway.)

I read that along the rivers there are some beautiful trees. I would need to find those rivers – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Cottonwood Tree before, and it looks amazing in the Autumn from the pictures I found. Willows are just one of my very favorite kinds of trees, and they appear to be near rivers too. Rivers may require some hiking – but at least I could then work off (and have a fantastic excuse for over-consumption of) all the delicious ‘holiday’ foods I’d be eating!

Mount Rushmore is a big South Dakota attraction – hey, I’m a tourist, and I’d like my kids to get a little education too 😉 (I suppose I need to brush up on my American history knowledge, because I did not know that Mount Rushmore was in South Dakota *hangs head in shame*.)

Beaver Creek Bridge, and all the national parks, look so very wonderful to me – I reckon I could find my ‘relaxation’ again and just sit there all day!

Native American Indian culture has always been of interest to me – so it’s no wonder ‘Sioux Falls’ sounded familiar – in fact, I felt like an idiot when reading up about South Dakota because there are so many ‘names’ that I recognize. And for good reason too! Of course visiting Deadwood is a must – I have loved the ‘Wild West’ since I was a little girl.

My friend told me to have a look at Huron…
So, moving on to Huron specifically :

Pyle House Museum is a definite point of interest. That house is beautiful – there’s just something about it for me. And not just from the pictures I saw. In the description of it, I think it was the ‘original oak woodwork’ part that really got my attention and confirmed it’s place on the list of things I’d like to see.
Naturally, Splash Central would sell this visit to my daughter, and bring added delight to our travel list for the USA 😉
Godfather’s Pizza – it’s all in the name….it helps that I happen to love pizza too! With a name like that, I simply cannot resist!

There are just so many beautiful gardens, I could spend days there – the scent of flowers in the air, the peacefulness of possibly the buzzing of bees (so long as they don’t decide I smell like a flower or sting me 😛 ) and the distant song of a bird perhaps? Ah, the small pleasures in life!

I think I’ll give the Golf Course a skip, but if you can manage to hit a golf ball without busting up all the turf around it, unlike me, then it may be worth a look…for us, I think Toboggan Hill could be fun. It would be our first time though, so we’d need to be careful – a trip to the emergency room is not on my list!

I found a ‘calendar of events’, and I want to go to all of them, HA!!! I have also found that some of the things are Season specific. So I guess I’d need to visit for at least a year. That kind of messes up travel plans, unless I suddenly win a rather large amount of money, which would allow for a very much extended holiday – perhaps three years might do for all the places I want to visit and things I want to see 😛

And last but certainly not least: the library in Huron has a coffee bar???!!!??? Can you tell by the punctuation that I am not only astounded but extremely excited by this! 😉 I understand that it may be a ‘regular’ thing in the US, but it is non-existent here! A combination of two of my favorite things – coffee and books – can’t go wrong!

Yip. Added to the travel list! 😉


11 thoughts on “Discovering South Dakota

  1. Well my dear, if part of your post was intended to flatter me then I am happy to say that you succeeded. And that’s despite the fact you didn’t include me in reasons to visit Huron. 😉

    The only sad part of this post is that I am only able to like it once.

    Now it is my turn to leave a long comment. 🙂

    *Look up the corn palace and you’ll probably end up adding that to your list as well. It isn’t in Huron but it is about a 45 minute drive from here, I go to that town regularly.

    *Yes, I had a hunch your daughter might like Splash Central it is a new fascility and a lot of fun. Of course that and Toboggan Hill are popular in very different seasons of the year. 🙂 She’d probably also enjoy the Rocket Slide. Such things aren’t that common in this country anymore and in fact I read a story about our rocket slide not that long ago.

    *I can confirm that Godfather’s Pizza is delicious. They also have an all you can eat buffet. It boads well for our friendship that you’d put this on your list. 😉

    *I worked at the library for a time converting paper files into digital. I was working there when they started the coffee bar.

    *Gladys Pyle was the first woman to serve in the United States senate but not the first woman elected to that body. If my memory is not betraying me, I remember touring that museum when I was in Cub Scouts with my mom. That definitely happened, where my memory might be questioned is here. I believe that my mom actually knew and took care of the woman later in her life as she was a resident in the nursing home where my mom worked.

    *The South Dakota State Fair is a lot of fine and would be the time I’d most recommend a visit to Huron though finding lodging would not be easy.

    *If you go to Deadwood, please take me with you. 😉 I’ve been to Mt. Rushmore a couple of times but somehow not to Deadwood and I love old west history as well. Another place you might want to look up since you are interested in Native American culture is Crazy Horse monument. There’s a whole story behind it that you would probably find interesting.

    *South Dakota is not my country’s most popular tourist destination to be sure. In fact, most people in this country can’t tell the two Dakotas apart. But for those of us who live here, we know what they’re missing. 🙂

    *Of course you can take the random facts idea from me. I can’t wait to read yours. As I said, I’ll probably do more in the future myself. I’m glad I can inspire you and besides that idea wasn’t really mine anyway as it has gone around Facebook a few times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not flattery if I am being truthful 🙂
      You will notice I did not mention ‘people I’d like to see’, so there 😛
      It goes without saying that we’ll come and see you if/when we get there – you introduced me to the beauty of your state, so how could I not? 😉
      And oh my goodness – HOW did I miss the Corn Palace? That place is amazing and well worth the visit! Thank you for that!
      You’re more than welcome to join us on our trip to Deadwood 😉
      I’m now going to read up on the Crazy Horse – embarrassed to have missed that as well! :O 😉

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      1. It is true you didn’t mention any specific people you wanted to see on your visit and it is okay for you to put my ego in its place. lol

        You’re welcome for the extra tips. There’s a cool candy store near the corn palace that I’m also sure you’d like.

        It sure sounds like a fun trip to Deadwood. 😉

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  2. I sure did say candy. You’ll find I’m a good reader/listener (I have a program on my computer called a screen reader which is how I read your entries) and pay attention and I was paying attention when you named treat Tuesday. 🙂

    Poor Deadwood having to deal with us. 😉

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