‘Wood’ you believe it?

“What are you eating this time?”

Yes, this is a question I regularly ask. And I ask it of my dog. If you have a dog, have ever owned a dog, or have ever been a regular visitor to a house where a dog resides, then you will understand my need to be continuously asking this question.

Unfortunately, for the most part, the answer comes in the form of a screeched,
“Drop that!” It’s usually issued in reference to the item in his mouth : a shoe, an eraser, a pen, underwear, kitchen towel – you get the picture.

Yesterday was interesting.

It wasn’t the object in his mouth that was interesting though. He had brought into the house yet another small piece of wood. He has higher ambitions than the countless twigs that seem to lounge around on the floor of my yard, and seeks out larger ‘logs’. Of course these are few and far between, and so he has taken to digging up the small bits of wood that used to be a border along a little pathway in my garden. Changing this bit of landscaping  will be a task for the Winter months – it’s just too hot out there now. I guess he’s helping me ahead of time?

What was interesting was the conversation it sparked between my son and I. I said out loud, “I’m not so sure all these bits of wood are good for you.”
The dog just looked at me, and then began chewing on his latest prize.
My son gave me a verbal reply.
“Actually, wood is good for humans, so I am sure it can’t do him too much damage.”

Wait. What?

Yes, I am a nutritionist’s nightmare – I really should start paying more attention to additives and preservatives in food! Those types of things just don’t seem to make the news around here – not news that I look for anyway. Then again, I very seldom read the news these days because I can’t bear what society has become.

I found it interesting to learn that ‘cellulose’ – which is something I have noticed in various foods – is actually wood pulp. Apparently it acts as fiber. Apparently it’s good for you.
I just find it a little disturbing. But that’s me.
I don’t think I have quite achieved ignorant idiot status – but it did make me realize that I need to broaden my knowledge bases when it comes to food.

If I had known that my son felt this way – that wood is actually good for us – then I could have saved myself all those nights standing around a hot stove creating a decent meal, especially in these hot and humid summer months! I could have given him a log of wood on a plate instead – of course, I would have added ketchup to it for added flavor.

Yes. I need to start paying more attention!


(Photo courtesy of morguefile.com)



4 thoughts on “‘Wood’ you believe it?

  1. First of all, I know this scenario all too well. Ginny used to eat TV remotes when she was younger. Well, eat them isn’t exactly right, she would chew on them…always in such a way that made them unuseable going forward. I bought so many replacement remotes over the years…

    There is a flaw in your son’s argument, however. Something that is good for humans is not necessarily going to be good for dogs for the simple reason that…dogs aren’t people. Yeah, I know, you’re shocked. There are lots of fruits and vegetables that are good for us that would be a dog’s doom.

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    1. We’ve also lost a few remotes in our time. 😛
      And yes, Case, my son is all too aware of the flaws in his argument (I don’t think he was quite thinking it through when he made his statement) – he often checks if what he is eating is edible for the dog too 😉

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