The School of Life

My son returned home from school the other day (he’s in his final year), walked through the front door, and said,
“Mom, please will you make me something to eat, because the way my day has been going, I’d probably chop my finger off.”
So I obliged – mostly because I would like him to keep all ten digits, but also because I didn’t feel like cleaning up blood in the kitchen. I treated myself to yet another much needed cup of coffee, and then called him to join me at the table. He missed the chair entirely, and wound up on the floor. Of course, my hysterical laughter could be heard from miles (I am sure), but he just frowned at me. Seeing his expression, I managed to regain control, and helped him up off the floor, saying,
“Okay, tell me about your terrible day.”

“Well, first of all, I got my English paper back, and I didn’t do as well as I thought. I misread one of the questions, and wrote a paragraph instead of bullet points.
Then I went to my Accounting test, and only afterwards did I realize that I had missed an entire question – thankfully only for 8 marks, but still!
After that, I stood on my bag and squashed my lunch, so our whole group spent the entire break time laughing at me while I tried to eat crushed biscuits and strange looking sandwiches.
When school finished, I realized I had grabbed the wrong socks for tennis – and the hole in the bottom of the one has now given me a huge blister on the bottom of my foot, that’s why I am limping. Then I got into Neil’s car and banged my knee on the door – same leg, more limp. And now, as you saw, I just fell off the chair. It’s like something is saying, ‘Welcome to your final year at school’.”

I smiled, patted his hand, and said softly,
“No, my boy, welcome to life. You’ll be 18 this year, and will then be considered an adult in most ways. Adulthood is where you look both ways before crossing the street and then get hit by an airplane.”

His response? “I’m staying in school!”

Ha! If only that could help us avoid ‘having one of those days’!



2 thoughts on “The School of Life

  1. You should have played ‘Just one of those days’ for him, the song I featured on my blog awhile ago. 🙂

    That sounds like a bad day all right. I might have gone in and hid after falling of the chair just to keep anything else from going wrong. 😉

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