Bringing Home The Bacon




We all know the old saying, “Bringing Home the Bacon”.
My son doesn’t like it because he says it gives him false hope about what might be on the menu for the next meal. He has a point. But where on earth did that saying come from?


I read in a magazine the other day that the saying comes from ‘the old days’, when meat was rare and a man was considered rich if he could bring it home. He’d strut his stuff down the road, proudly prancing along with his ‘pork’ under his arm. Upon arrival at his home, the bacon would get strung up (presumably in an entertainment area) so that visitors could see that he had ‘brought home the bacon’.

I like that! What a man!

But Google revealed some other ‘origins’ for this saying.

Apparently a popular contest at county fairs a very long time ago saw grown men running around like ‘chickens without heads’ in order to try and catch a squealing, greased up pig. Of course, the man who managed to catch that slippery sucker was able to ‘bring home the bacon’ to his lovely family.

I suppose there isn’t really a conclusion as to where the saying comes from – but both of those listed above are rather fun, not so?

And even though ‘bacon’ is enough, I am trying not to be food obsessed of late, so here’s a picture for your soul too.

bacon 2


You have value and are worthy. Your life is precious. Appreciate it, and the body (bacon) you have, no matter how imperfect either one may seem.





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