Your vote counts…maybe vote for me, please?

Darkness had already fallen last night, and I was preparing for some relaxing time with a book when my phone beeped to indicate the arrival of an email.
My heart stopped as I read the notification email telling me that ‘the finalists had been announced’. It was from this blog. You may have seen an earlier post that I shared, announcing a writing contest for a new publishing company that had been established, called Endever Publishing.
I entered the contest, with the help of a couple of very good friends…..

And I made the TOP THREE FINALISTS!!!! Here is where you come in, because you need to go along and cast your vote, please!

If you have a look at the link to the announcement of the finalists, you will see how you can vote. Or you can just go directly to their Facebook page. You need to like the post of the person you think should win – you’ll see there are three separate shared posts, for the three finalists. You’ll need to scroll down to find me.

I am contestant 1 – my story is entitled “Shoebox Sanity” – and it’s a short mystery story.
*I never realized how difficult it would be to try and engage the reader, build a story, throw in a twist, and have a conclusion – all in 500 words or less!*

I humbly request that you head on over and vote for me… and while you’re there, please like their page too – as I am sure they will be posting some interesting things in the future!

BUT….yes, there is a but….I would like you to take the time to read the other two finalists stories too…and if you really feel that they are the better option as a winner, then please feel free to cast your vote for one of them instead of voting for me.
(I’d still really like it if you’d vote for me though.)

I know that ‘all is fair in love and war’ – but this is not war, it’s a love and passion of mine.  So to be fair, you probably should read them all and then make your decision.

(Again though, having your vote would be very much appreciated.)

Thanking you all in advance for supporting the contest and being a contributor to the final outcome by casting your votes!


5 thoughts on “Your vote counts…maybe vote for me, please?

  1. Reblogged this on Random Catastrophe and commented:
    I would very much appreciate it if my readers, both of you, would go and follow the instructions in my friend’s post. She is a finalist in a short-story writing contest and needs all the likes she can get to win, so follow this post for all of the information. Read all 3 stories

    and if you like hers best, vote for it.


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