Beauty Despite the Storm

The sky was dark and warnings had been issued. 
Around here, we don’t get hurricanes or tornadoes – and an earthquake is unheard of.
No snow in the Winter either, and yet we melt from the humidity in Summer.

But hail. Ah yes, hail. It does so much damage. A storm warning is usually issued because of it. And that was yesterday.

Of course, I had to go out at about the same time as they expected the storm to hit. Inconveniently, the storm had decided that when the children needed to be fetched from school, it would make its appearance. I spoke nicely to it, and asked it to wait just a few more minutes. It listened! (Yes, I prayed, and God answered!)
I did, however, experience the first few heavy drops of rain that preceded the immensity of the storm, but managed to get my car put away before the ‘real show’ began.

I probably could have avoided those first few heavy drops…..but……

My daughter jumped into the car, telling me to hurry because a ‘big storm is coming’. We had to stop in at the bank before we could go home though. 
The thunder was loud, daylight had become dark – lightning illuminating the sky every so often. No drops yet though. As I was about to climb back into my car, I happened to glance up at this awful storm that was coming and would probably leave damage in its wake.

And I saw this :


The picture actually doesn’t do justice to the beauty that the sky held. It was a sea of grey, of almost perfect little waves that were still forming – there was no light shining through, but each little ‘wave’ in the clouds was clearly etched in either darker grey or white. The clouds were exquisite, and as I stared up at them (while my daughter sat in the car telling me to hurry up, ‘Let’s go!’), I found such beauty in this ‘impending doom’ storm.

And as we drove home, and the first big drops began to fall, I was still so lost in the beauty of the skies, that I didn’t worry or drive any faster. There was an unusual peace within me – I just knew we’d get home in time and we’d be okay.

Of course you know where this is heading…..

What a  wonderful reminder that when the storms of life hit, we need only to look up and we’ll find beauty and peace – in spite of the storm.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Despite the Storm

    1. Reminds me of that old poem….
      “Whether the weather be fine, or whether the weather be not,
      Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot….
      Whatever the weather, we’ll weather the weather,
      whether we want to or not”
      Or something like that 😉

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