Looking Up

The little Yorkie from down the road had come to visit, again. My dog was delighted. They make the strangest pair.

She’s three kilograms of fluff and fun; He’s twenty two kilograms of boisterous activity.

And yet, somehow, they just seem to get along so very well that he won’t eat his breakfast until she has dropped by and eaten her share first.

Yes. Can you believe that?


The first time there was food involved with the two of them, I was really concerned. Dogs are protective of their food, and although my ‘giant in comparison’ has no problem with us near his food, I was very uncertain about this little ball of fluff being around.

The result though was rather hysterical. I learned that SHE is actually the boss.

She took his treat, out of his mouth, and plopped down on the mat to eat it. And he let her!!!!! Then, as if that wasn’t strange enough, he took his twenty two kilograms onto the mat next to her and tried to retrieve his treat. And she growled at him.

Best of all was that he backed off!!! And lay down and watched her eat his treat! And when she was done, they trotted off into the garden together to go and explore the plants again.


Now let me tell you where the ‘looking up’ part comes in….


Big Bear and Little Bear (bear/dogs) were playing behind the couch. Big Bear seemed very interested in what was behind the couch, even after Little Bear had wandered off to play with a stone in the garden. So, of course, Mommy Bear (which would be me) just had to investigate what was behind the couch. I moved the couch, and bent down to get a closer look.

I forgot to look up though….

I missed the window lever that was holding the window half open…..

I missed it with my eyes, but not with my head.

Five minutes later, the bleeding had finally stopped, and I was sporting a bump and small gash right along my hairline…..

Thankfully I have a fringe (or bangs, in American language), and so it was relatively unnoticeable to everyone else.

This experience, however, gave me a ‘personal life lesson’.

For me, personally, when I forget to look up, things usually go wrong, and I experience pain!

I need to remember to focus on the One above who looks down on me with love and wants to help me in times of trouble, and celebrate with me in times of joy!

So I think I’ll change, “Here’s looking at you, kid” to something that means something to me.

Like perhaps,

“Here’s to looking up, kid!”





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