Confidence, Charisma and Skincare

inner beauty

I’ve always promoted the concept of inner beauty, stressing the importance of it to both my children (and pretty much anyone who will listen). So it’s surprising that after being missing in action, yet again, my comeback blog would be this one – something to do with outer beauty. I suppose that sometimes we just need to discuss growth in other aspects of life – not just all the amazing changes that are continuously happening inwardly.
Realistically, this has probably been sparked by the fact that I celebrated a ‘big birthday’ this year and the realisation has finally hit : outwardly I am beginning to age – sadly, Bryan Adams lied and I will not be 18 ’til I die ๐Ÿ˜›

So let’s talk skincare…..
In my teens it was non-existent.
In my twenties, credit to my stepmother, I discovered nose peel stuff – and began to try and remember to moisturise at bedtime.
My thirties came before I knew it…and yet still apathy ruled my skincare routine.
Then I discovered a skincare collection which was relatively suited to my pocket (and made me feel grown up), and I began using ‘proper face wash’ in the shower, toner afterwards…and I even finally remembered to moisturise daily.
I was satisfied that I was finally taking care of my skin.

Two years ago, a friend gave my name to a particular ‘beauty company’.
I have to admit that I am not particularly thrilled with friends who do this…but she knows I love her and will forgive her almost anything, so even though she knew how I felt, she did it anyway. I suppose I need to get her something nice to thank her ๐Ÿ˜‰
Of course when they called, I just said, ‘No thanks, not interested’.

There was no pressure, no incessant emails encouraging me to use their products, nothing. They gave me a year to change my mind, and then called again.
This time was a little different though – I was in a ‘what the hell, let’s do this’ mood, so I said yes.

What attracted me the most initially? Money.

No. They didn’t give me any. They also didn’t promise me money for referrals etc.

They offered me a really fantastic payment plan that was manageable, and so I was on board in an instant. And I have not looked back.

I awaited my parcel like a kid at Christmas – cliched I know, but it’s how it was. It arrived in the busyness of the day, and since I was unable to give it the attention it deserved, I left it unopened beside my bed.
That night was actually fun – leaflets to read for guidance and information, tubes of the normal skincare routine things…and a whole lot of samples that lasted for at least six or seven applications. I was in skincare heaven.
(And they threw in 2 bottles of perfume – and of course one of them is so darn amazing that I have to hide it from my daughter….and it brings me a lot of compliments, which is ALWAYS a plus)

My products are nearing their finish. I was sad, because I cannot afford to ‘lump sum’ replace them. And then the call came : from the friendliest, loveliest ambassador for the company, and I was able to select and pinpoint my favourites, and negotiate with her, and she put together another parcel for me….once again at a manageable monthly payment plan.
(Did I mention that I get the products after just the first successful installment – no waiting till it’s all paid off?)

And yes, now that I have this wonderful ‘fancy’ selection for my skin, I HAVE been diligent twice a day…..which is definitely a plus for my skin.
But I also give the products a lot of credit – they’re wonderful and my skin has never felt better, from that very first use.
And credit to a business that is not just a business – it’s helping my skin be all it can be without turning my bank account into an onion ๐Ÿ˜‰





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