Moonshine and Stars

Darkness absorbed the passage way, making it seem endless. They had forgotten to leave the light on for me. Terror gripped my small body, and I shakily made a run for it around the corner to my parents bedroom, tearful and fearful.

That was me as a child.

Now I seem more inclined to pretend I am lead singer for Simon and Garfunkel as I belt out loudly, “Hello darkness my old friend”.

‘Dark Love’ for me is a combination of self esteem issues and bad experiences.

I do know, however, that I now find comfort in the darkness.

The dark makes me feel beautiful – in the harsh light of day I see every flaw…and I feel like everyone else does too.

Darkness reminds me that


Darkness actually gives me a sense of hope, because a small flickering light can banish that darkness.
(And I still feel beautiful in that small flickering light 😉 )

Darkness always ignites in people an assumption of evil – mythical (or not so mythical, depending on what you believe) creatures; spirits and spells; the unknown.
We tend to associate darkness with all things negative.

Advancing technology has robbed us of the dark, in a way. It’s turned everywhere into a ‘city that never sleeps’. Computer lights, cellphone lights, battery powered, solar powered – you can no longer properly appreciate the night sky unless you’re in the middle of the river, in the middle of nowhere, on a boat.

(I was there, in a boat, a few weeks back – and I was reminded of how to appreciate the exquisiteness of the stars.)

We need to see the darkness in a different light 😉

It is a time to think and dream – a birthing place for faith and determination.
It is a place of love and imagination.

And when it closes in and brings feelings of negativity….
Remember that it takes only a small light – focus on one good thing.
And dream.




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