A Perfect World

Let’s face it : life is not as pleasant or as safe as what it was in the past…and if things continue as they are, I don’t see that much will improve in the future.

“What’s the world coming to?”

A rhetorical question often asked in relation to negative changes that occur in everyday life – from television to radio, music to movies, health, safety – the list is endless.


But seriously……

It’s not the worlds fault.

The perfect world would be one where human beings do not exist – but I’m not leaving yet 😉
Because when all is said and done, it is ‘the human condition‘ that causes the changes, and not the world itself.

It’s time that we recognise this well-known fact in a way that causes us to make the positive changes that are needed.

Dear old Facebook has a relationship status option allowing you to admit that the love relationship you may, or may not, be in ‘is complicated’.
It’s not.
Relationships in themselves (whether they be with family, friends or significant others) are NOT complicated. PEOPLE are complicated.

And we ALL have a little bit of moron in us. Because NO ONE is perfect.

When it comes to the emotional aspect of the human condition, we all have ‘moronic qualities’.
And we’re all different.
And we can’t change anyone else.

A very true, and very wise statement ^^^^^^

I cannot change the world. You cannot change the world. Together, we may not even be able to change the world. BUT…

as with the tried and true, amazing ‘old’ concept of paying it forward, our reactions and emotions also have the same chain effect of good (or bad).

Be honest enough to acknowledge your faults and flaws, brave enough to make an effort to work on them in the hopes of becoming a better you, and strong enough to share your good qualities with others in order to guide them towards their own necessary changes.

Maybe then the perfect world WILL be the one with all of us on it.



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