I’m a match!

She was 44 and we’d been friends for 22 years when the call came.
“I’m dying.”
She had been diagnosed with cancer a few months before this, but the cancer had ravaged her body to the extent that these were the calls she was having to make.
She passed away about six weeks after that call. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to spend last moments in time with her, and that I was able to love her and say ‘see you later – keep me a place’.

But her life was too short and she was gone too soon.

I met a lady four years ago, on her seventieth birthday. Her life had been difficult and painful, having buried her husband in her thirties after losing their child, and then burying her other two children not even ten years later.
At the age of 65 she was diagnosed with cancer, and every day thereafter increased her suffering in this life.
On her deathbed, shortly before turning 71,she whispered to her sister,
“I’m ready to go now. I have been for a very long time. They’re waiting. Sometimes I think that this life of mine has just gone on too long.”

Some people say life is too short. Others say life is too long. I say that it doesn’t matter – it’s not worth anything unless you touch the lives and hearts of others in a positive way!

BOTH of the ladies above did just that. They touched lives and hearts,smiled through their troubles, and made a small positive difference in the lives of every one they met.

I challenged people on Valentines Day  and my heart was saddened by the ‘lack of response’. I posted it all over social media.
I didn’t want recognition.
I wasn’t looking for any form of personal adoration.
The purpose was to light a fire with the only match I felt that I had.
It didn’t go viral. Hardly anyone read the post, and nobody responded to my Facebook or Twitter feed pleas.
My disappointment was great, and I felt a deep burden as my soul cried,
“What is wrong with people!!!!!???”

This morning I was given an opportunity to reflect on that very post. It’s a long story…but I realised something of greater importance than negative emotions above.
Others did not respond or take up the challenge, but I didn’t stop living it.
I continued to do it daily – not just once a week. Because that is who I am.
And it hit me.

I don’t just have one match – I don’t just have social media and writing as a way to ignite a fire of goodness to elicit positive emotions and responses in others.
I have ME!

I am a match!

And my fire may not be lighting up all the parts of this world….
But it’s lighting the lives of those I come into contact with.

I am enough, and I can still make a difference, no matter how small.

It’s the little things that count, after all. 😉



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