How is your life affected by your BS?

The definition is not what you’re expecting in relation to the title…. you’ll have to read on to find out more.

But for now, I thought this was a pretty accurate statement…


I’ve recently embarked on a journey to expand my business. This means that on top of writing, working, and being a single mom, I am now studying too. I’m so tired, my tired is tired  (yet I have never felt so fulfilled or excited in my life)

… however,


The certification course that I am currently busy with is not an entirely new concept to me – I already work in this field and so a lot of the study material and lectures are familiar. I am still learning new things though, and this is proof that you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’.

Of course, the basis of this particular blog post is one of those newly learnt concepts.

The term ‘BS’…

Bullshit, right?


Initially it seemed right. But then a statement similar to the following one was made in the lecture :
“You can replace your negative BS with positive BS, which will then improve your life.”

Confusion reigned.

Thankfully, another few minutes in, the mystification of the ‘BS’ was revealed.

Belief System.

Suddenly it all made sense. Thank goodness!

It was such a simple concept : The belief systems that have been developed within us sometimes need changing in order for us to truly grow, achieve our dreams, become confident and overcome the negative thinking that so often holds us back.

Digging into this form of BS was enlightening, to say the least. There is so much more to say on the subject, that I am sure you will notice it being pulled into most future blogs by me, in relation the various aspects of life. For now, let me touch on this :


Self reflection is difficult. It means that we have to see things within ourselves that may not be pretty, at all. It means acknowledging those negative aspects of our inner selves, and sometimes having to ‘go back in our minds to places we don’t particularly want to be’.

But it’s necessary.

I can deal with a few bees in my house. As Summer approaches now though, they’re increasing in number, and I worry for my dogs. I can keep trying to get rid of the ones that are hopelessly flying around within my walls, searching for pollen…
until I find their nest / origin, and deal with that (call a beekeeper to remove them to a place of safety for them), the problem they present will continue growing and ultimately affect my life in a very negative way. 

We need to find the source of the negatives and incorrect assumptions within our belief systems, and we need to replace those sources with truthful information. We need to work on following those truths that we discover, and changing the negative perceptions that have been put in place, either by people or life circumstances.


Change definitely brings opportunity. Don’t focus on the painful process of having to change – focus rather on the beautiful destinations that will open up to you : a life that is fulfilled, inspired, empowered. A life that can be lived to the fullest, no matter what circumstances abound.

In the words of Robin Sharma,

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle,
and GORGEOUS at the end.”



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