Free time, Me time

bathroom sayings funny Beautiful Hi I m a mom My hobbies include making food that no one eats and

But seriously….

Do you have a hobby?

I entered into a conversation the other day with someone who has no hobby. And so of course we chatted about it extensively, and brainstormed some ideas of things she could try in order to change that.

Life tends to become a little bit empty when we have nothing to spend our free time on. Now don’t get me wrong: my free time is almost non-existent at the moment, and so despite the fact that I have numerous hobbies, when I finally do get a chance for ‘me time’, it’s usually spent at Club Duvet (in my bed) with DJ Pillow, in an attempt to remove the dark circles from underneath my eyes.

But because I have an inquiring mind, there was this niggle that just wouldn’t go away.
It’s that moment where you know that you know something, and yet you’re not sure why or how you know it.

Why is it important to have a hobby in the first place?

The most obvious reason is the fact that it helps us relieve the stresses of everyday life by allowing us the opportunity to do something we enjoy – sometimes on a social level as well, depending on the hobby. It reduces all that stress that can so negatively affect our minds and beings, and helps us to focus our energies on things that bring us happiness.

There is a much deeper level though.

As we learn new things, we grow in confidence and creativity. This so often leads to us discovering passions that were possibly lying dormant within us before. We then start to develop the skills required to pursue these passions, and gain a new sense of purpose – all of this resulting in adding a new dimension to your personal development.

And the snowball effect begins, because the satisfaction and changes that occur within will then extend to other areas in your life, and positively impact those.
I’ve even known people who, because of their hobbies, have made complete career changes – and their lives have become that much the better for it.
(I must point out though that not everyone can have their hobby as a job, and still enjoy it.)


Right now, that’s a hobby that I am totally okay with 😉

And so I’ll leave you with this :







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