Wound repair in every aspect

My friend was closely inspecting me with a strange stare and I became uncomfortable – naturally.
No one likes being stared at.
The words that followed made me smile,
“My word, you have so many scars on your face. They’re small and not really noticeable, but when I really look I can see them.”
My scars are as a result of being a passenger in a motor vehicle accident when I was eighteen – glass shattered in my face and in some places embedded itself inside the skin. My scars should be worse. I was blessed. They’re barely noticeable.
I smiled because….

No scars can make me unworthy or unlovable.


There are places on my body where my skin did not heal completely, and so fibrous tissue had to develop to connect the wound. It closed it. It made my body whole again. Even though my skin is marked.
It reminds me every time I look at them…..
I should have been dead. And 22 years later I am still here. There is a purpose for me still physically being around.

And that’s what a scar is…whether it’s physical or whether you feel it deep in your soul. Don’t let it define you. It is over. You cannot control it or change what happened, but you can change how you choose to deal with things from here on out.

The very special thing about scars? They can represent hope to someone else. 

But then you have to be willing to let go of what caused them and connect the wound by working through things, so that you CAN help others.

And unfortunately that means that sometimes we need to implement changes – and change is tough.

But honey, you’re tougher than the rest.

There is NO ONE more courageous than the person who can look at themselves in the mirror and know that they need help to change, so that they can be the change.

Looking inwardly and performing self examination of our ‘not-so-pretty’ parts is difficult, but SO worth it in the end. Having the courage to ask for help and guidance along the way, even more difficult. But again, the results will outweigh your expectations.

Don’t let the world tell you that you’re weak for seeking help, and trying to change.

You’re braver than that.

Life is short.

Be happy.  Help yourself and others.  Be kind…….
To yourself…..
And others.




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