Unwrapping the Present

Browsing through Facebook last night, I came upon this picture. It had been shared quite a few time and there were so many ‘love’ responses….


As I read comment after comment, the gist of it seemed to be that people were in a place of hurt or anger, and they wanted to go back to a time when life was easier and simpler.

I USED to relate. I can’t anymore.

Don’t get me wrong : I love to reminisce. 

I love to indulge myself with the happy moments from the past – memories of joyful occasions and special friends – food for my soul….’feel good’ kind of stuff.
Skipping happily down memory lane and becoming lovingly nostalgic can be great fun.

And there have been times in my life where my hearts cry has been the very picture above : “Please take me back in time, to the old days, and let me just stay there for a while.”

There’s something very comforting and heart warming about ‘going back in time’ and feeling good things all over again.

The reason why we sometimes want to go there could be the very
reason why we shouldn’t.

I can no longer relate to wanting to go back to the old days and press pause.

(Although when I am throwing a tantrum about having to be an adult and all the responsibilities that go along with that, then yes, I want to be a child again.)
And yet…..

Being a child wasn’t always that easy or happy for me either.

And that’s a popular misconception about life : IF ONLY.

When we reminisce or choose to lose ourselves momentarily in a happy memory, we need to also try and stay focused on the gift of today.

Even if today is bad. Even if today is like a dark cloud looming on the horizon and you just know the storm is coming. Even if today is repeating itself and we’ve had a series of them which are now weeks or months. Even if….

I believe it was Robin Sharma who said, “We need to be the architects of our futures, and not prisoners of our pasts.”

past 1
Yes, be nostalgic. Go back in time to those moments of happiness and allow yourself to feel like a kid in a candy store. But remember that the past does not hold ONLY good memories. 
And that it IS possible to create good memories EVERY day, despite our circumstances.

You’re a prisoner of your past if the only happiness you can find relates to turning back the clock and pausing time. Build the new, accept the present, look to the future.



And try and remember that happiness doesn’t always need to be a memory.




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