Perfectly Imperfect

How do you perceive perfection? Because it’s different for everyone.
And we all have that voice inside that tells us we aren’t perfect enough. BUT…


We get so focused on the things we haven’t done, the things we should have done and the mistakes we’ve made along the way that we completely forget the the good things we have done; the accomplishments in our journey. Again, it’s about perception – we tell ourselves we’ve accomplished nothing, and yet :

  • You made your best friend laugh when all they wanted to do was cry
  • The old lady you smiled at yesterday felt a lightness in her soul because of you
  • You made it through the day without yelling at anyone – especially your kids 😛
  • You donated to a charity last week, month, year

You see, the things above are all things that you’ve successfully accomplished and yet perceive to be ‘nothings’ when it comes to achieving perfection.

Trust me on this, it’s the little things that count. 

It’s good to strive for perfection, because in doing so we tend to ‘raise the bar’ in our lives, and it pushes and motivates us to achieve bigger and greater things.

But we need to find the balance and be careful of where we place our focus. We’re our own worst enemy, and so often we sabotage our own success by striving for a perfection that does not exist.

Perhaps instead we should strive for progress and improvements?

To learn and grow with the imperfections we face in the situations we find ourselves in, and just be.

perfection 2




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