And then this happened

funny techno

I’d like to think that I am not technologically challenged – and I’m quite proud of the few things that I have managed to figure out for myself. For everything else? I have kids 😉

The threat of technology and even the so-called simple process of doing certain things has been a hindrance to me. But I finally swallowed the pill of fearless internet, and embarked on a new journey. There’s no stopping me now 😉

I have seven books currently on my computer – all written by me, in a variety of genres. I have finally published my very first one.

For a limited time it is available as a free download in the Amazon Kindle Store. You can get it here.

I’d really appreciate it if you would – and perhaps give me
a rating and some feedback too, please?

It’s an easy read – a short motivational e-book of ten things that can guide you a little further down the path to happiness.

Here’s an extract from it, which falls under the heading of LIVE :

“In my life I have experienced many negative feelings, brought upon by bad choices and tough situations. In some instances, the lesson has been learnt rapidly and I have grown. In others, it has taken a few failures in order for that lesson to be considered ‘learnt’ – because sometimes I am a slow learner.
But I learn. And that is the most important thing in life. The learning. The willingness to keep at it, and find a way to let go of the negativity of the past, but never forget what it taught you.

A few weeks ago my son emerged from my bedroom and told me that the toilet paper in my en-suite was finished, and that he’d checked the cupboard where the new rolls were stored, only to find that they were finished too. I made a mental note to buy toilet paper, and fetched the roll from the main bathroom to replace the now empty roll in mine, since everybody seems to prefer using my toilet.
Three days later, there was a little voice from my en-suite, “Mom, please bring me some toilet paper.”
I rolled my eyes because my daughter had once again forgotten to check for toilet paper before she sat down on the toilet, and opened the cupboard.
To my dismay, I needed an ‘eye roll’ too. The shelf that usually housed rolls of toilet paper was empty. I’d forgotten to purchase more on the last three trips to the store.
I rummaged in cupboards and finally found some of my daughter’s leftover birthday party serviettes. She was not amused when I told her she had to wipe with the Disney Princesses. I’d like to say that this was a lesson I only needed to learn once, but I have to admit that the occurrence listed above is not an isolated incident, and has in actual fact happened at least three times in the past year.
Each result of failing to learn this lesson has been a little worse than the one before. I am hoping that now I truly have learnt my lesson – because I am dreading the next result if not.
There are many other lessons in life that I wish I had never had to learn, feelings I wish I had never had to experience and places I wish I had never been.
One thing it has taught me though is that all those negative things have shown me all the things I don’t want in my life.
It’s taught me something good, in the end. And so as long as life is teaching, I will be learning, even if it sometimes has to be with a small amount of dread. “


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