Survival of the Fittest


My blog post title seems to suggest that this post is about the Darwin theory, and something along the lines of natural selection. It’s not. 

I do like the quote above though, and the fire within me that it ignites.

It makes me think of the will inside me to stay alive, no matter what challenges or circumstances I face. It reminds me that I am not defined by my past, or the way things are now.
It’s a tenacious type of survival – a determination within to hold fast and stand firm.

I want to survive. But I also want to live.

What’s the difference, you may ask?

Surviving means that I will do my best to stay away from things that threaten my life and ultimately bring death. It means that I want to exist. Always good to have that will inside NOT to die.
But Living….

Living is actually where my focus is. Not just merely on survival.
Because Living alters my focus to a place of appreciation; a feeling deep in my soul of the wonders and beauties of life, even though it isn’t perfect.
Living reminds me to embrace life.




Keep Living, My Friends 😉


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