Stop standing in the way


That moment when you come to realise that it is NOT you against the world…it is actually you against YOURSELF….

In THAT moment, you grow. And wisdom abounds.

That incorrect belief system I mentioned a while back? The worst part of it is when it is directed inwardly, to who we are and what we are.

Or, who we think we are, and what we think we can do.

There are so many outside influences, and not just those we encountered in childhood.
The last few years have gotten out of control – social media now becomes another place where we are given numerous examples of the way others think we should be. It’s no longer just about avoiding buying magazines, or stopping ourselves from turning on the telly when something is airing that makes us feel inadequate. Bullying is no longer just a ‘child/teen’ thing. It’s become very real to so many adults too. And in all of that, the negative self talk begins.

But the last few years have also brought something good. Internet access to hundreds of articles, e-books, blogs that are designed and centered around helping us to grow, helping us to combat negativity, helping us to learn…and all from the comfort of our own homes.

Granted, not everyone is capable of self motivating and working through those resources and achieving positive outcomes. Sometimes we need someone to coach us, guide us, make us accountable. And there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It makes the journey a little more bearable, that’s for sure.

But as much bad is available out there to cultivate our negative self images, we need to acknowledge and recognise all that is out there that is good; and find a way to utilise it so that we can retrain our brains.

And it’s a process. Self love and confidence don’t just happen in a day. Be patient with yourself. Remember….





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