Unicorns and Sparkles

I received a picture message from my friend this morning. We don’t often get to connect because our lives are busy. In fact, even though we live in the same town, we actually only get to see each other once every four months or so, when our schedules are in harmony. Those are the greatest times, and always filled with moments that make for the best memories. We ‘do’ those times properly, and pretty much block book five hours or so for each other. When her husband hears we’re getting together, he pretty much sighs and tells her, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow – I’ll be asleep when you get home’. 😛 (He adores me, so that’s a plus for our together time 😉 )

Her message to me this morning was such a special one – and I consider it one that we all need to hear from time to time. I’ve delved a little more deeply into it for blogging purposes and added some ‘stuff’.

The message was simple : You’re important and you matter to me, and I hope you will always know and remember that. You can call on me at anytime. I will always be your ‘mental’ friend – there to help care for your mental health when you need me, and there to just act crazy with you when you need me to.

Sadly, the message didn’t just ‘come out of the blue’. It came in the wake of an acquaintance we both have in common who went missing day before yesterday. This young lady is a mother of two (aged 10 and 3) but prone to depression. Drugs and alcohol have not done in her any favours as mood stabilisers. And she’s one of those girls who refuses to ‘talk about it’, because she’s ‘too strong for that’.

*Side note* When it comes to mental health, seeking help and speaking out are the bravest and strongest things you actually can do!

She was found last night – no harm to her person. Had apparently done a runner ‘to think’. And is still refusing to talk with friends and family about what is going on inside her head. The perception of many is that by choice, she is very much alone, locked in to herself. Those of us who are more aware know that when you are in a place of mental instability, there really are no conscious choices. 😦

The whole situation sparked an outburst of messages around town; everyone reassuring one another that ‘you’re not alone, you are important’ etc.

And although I don’t actually know any of you, I wanted to ‘put something out there’ for ‘my’ blogosphere to read. Perhaps someone will come to mind who could really use a quick message of encouragement and reassurance from you?

You need to remember that you’re important. Somehow, some way, you will always be a part of someone’s life, and that makes you important. I like to think that I’m a lot of people’s reason to smile….but I may also be the reason some people drink. 😛 Who knows? I’m all over the place 😉

But I matter. YOU matter. Because there will always be someone who will value you, and fill up the empty spaces in their life with pieces of you. (I am not speaking romantically – this is about all other relationships)

(And in my humble opinion, this is a really good reason for us to always try and have a positive impact on those around us. Not always easy, because we all have those moments where our spirit is downcast, and our attitudes suffer a bit and can be referred to as bad…but definitely worth not giving up – continuing to try, even if we fail. )


photo credit : quotefancy.com

It’s easy, in times of trouble, to question our existence. It’s important, in those moments, to remember that someone out there actually needs us. That we have something to offer. Perhaps not to the entire world, but that doesn’t make us any less important.
Because the thing is that even as an individual, your existence still impacts the world.

Max Lucado once said something that I really liked, and actually printed out for my wall – he said that we are valuable because we exist. Not because of what we do, or what we have done, but simply because we are.

Anonymous once said something too that resonates such truth :

Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.

And…..just for fun…..


Source : Facebook

So keep shining, my friends! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Unicorns and Sparkles

  1. When we chatted on here yesterday and you were saying that you didn’t know what to write about, I felt sure that you would think of something but what you have written is absolutely amazing.
    I think that all too often we sell ourselves short or undervalue our worth to society because we don’t feel that we are making a difference but in reality we do.
    I know that with my depression I sometimes feel like that but I am fortunate enough to be able to talk with others about it and about how I feel but sometimes I think like the woman who disappeared and I am so grateful for the fact that she has been found, I think that some people have a difficulty in explaining what they are feeling or why but also they may feel silly about feeling the way that they do.
    I know for example that I would not really share with one of my friends how I really feel because of her reaction usually what have you got to be depressed about or just pull yourself together etc are the words that you hear
    We are each of us put upon this earth for a reason and we can all make a difference to someone else’s life, it doesn’t have to be a big gesture but a smile and a few minutes with someone can make all the difference
    Thank you for taking the time to write about your thoughts and for helping others by highlighting their importance.
    Enjoy your day my friend and I hope to read more about your muses and observations in the future. 😊📖

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    1. I’m not so sure about absolutely amazing 😛 But it is so important, especially in this day and age where worth is measured by so many things that actually don’t count, to remind each other that we ALL have a place in this world and have worth to someone. Friends, family, even co-workers, fill gaps in their lives and hearts with US!! That’s a huge honour! (Although it also comes with great responsibility 😛 )
      I think that the attitude of some regarding where we find ourselves in our lives sometimes can be harmful – and many an unthinking comment can be sometimes be the final push over an edge to disaster.
      We need to respect though that people are different, as are their ways and words. I know some of those insensitive people who, when I am feeling down, will tell me to suck it up, and pull myself together because I have a responsibility to be better for my children. It’s taken me a long time, but I am relieved that I have grown to a point where I know that their insensitivity is not always intentional – and neither is it my responsibility to carry it. It’s also not a direct reflection of my situation. And so these days I am less likely to be offended, or pushed into a corner and do something I may later regret, by their comments 😉
      One of those people I love dearly. He is family and I have a lot respect for him. I get highly annoyed when he is insensitive with me. But age (and a small measure of wisdom) has helped me to know that they is the way that HE is. He has many other positive attributes…. and so those are the ones I draw on and focus on. I’m less inclined to let him know when I feel like life is crap 😛 😉
      Thank you for all your comments and encouragement.

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      1. Well if not absolutely amazing it was definitely brilliant and very inspired.
        Stephen R Covey who wrote the 7 Habits of highly successful people states that the personality traits that Dale Carnegie wrote about in his book How to win friends and influence people was very much about getting people to like you by manipulating them and feigning an interest in them and their hobbies for example and almost stroking their egos.
        I have always thought of this has being a fair weather solution, everything is OK as long as the weather is nice and stable but the minute you hit stormy seas 🏔️ everything changes.
        A person who relies upon wealth for status and friendships has nothing when it has gone.
        The class system still operates at so many different levels in society and yet it is really easy to fall from grace.
        Character traits are very much more significant and deeper and the relationships built upon a firmer foundation and are generally more supportive.
        The individual will often be more loyal, show a greater depth of love and understanding and be more confident in their own abilities.
        I agree totally with you that sometimes family members can be your own worst enemy, I was on holiday a few years ago with my Aunt and Uncle and my now ex wife and my uncle was telling some man in the bar about the problem I had with alcohol and I was absolutely devastated by the fact that he could betray my trust in him.
        Connections are important but they need to be worked on and be mutually beneficial..
        I am truly grateful for the relationship that we are building at this time 😊😊🏢💕

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      1. Thank you! x

        All appearances to the contrary my mental health is remarkably sound! At least since my experience with Fran was resolved anyway! 🙂

        R U OK? (A campaign for MH slogan in Aus) 😉

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  2. I always love to read your post. You’re extremely insightful and elaborate on what you mean. There’s no way that we can succeed in life without failing first. Failure has such a negative ring to it, that most people fear it.

    Thanks for the great read and have an amazing day!

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    1. Thank you, Will. Your kind words are very much appreciated. I agree that failure has a negative ring to it, and I am not denying that I sometimes have a fear of it. But I always try and remind myself that the opposite of that (to me) is quitting/giving up/not bothering to try. And that’s just not who I am 😉
      p.s. Don’t forget…you matter 🙂

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  3. A graceful reminder. We are important and special to God and to lives near and far.

    Thank God she was found. You can put her in prayers and with time, with your presence around her, she might open up.

    Some folks need time to build that “I can trust this person with this information”. And for some it takes even longer. 🙇

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