today is not your day

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The wording in the above picture is for entertainment purposes only. Well….not completely.

I’d like to draw your attention to : Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.

Those are the words that I am meaning to say to you right now.

Today is NOT your day and tomorrow isn’t either……

It is NOT your day to give up.

It is NOT your day to stop dreaming.

It is NOT your day to dwell on your past and the mistakes you may have made.

It is NOT your day to stop growing and challenging yourself.

It is NOT your day to rob the world of the beauty within you, and all you have to give.

It is NOT your day to stop trying, or believing.

It is NOT your day to give in to fear.

And tomorrow isn’t looking good for you either 😉

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16 thoughts on “today is not your day

  1. Good morning my friend
    I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful and much needed post this morning and I say much needed because for the last few weeks and months my depression has been truly getting me down to such an extent as to think about giving up not on life but on living and yesterday for the first time in months had a PJ day.
    I know that my life is blessed and really positive but sometimes it can just feel like a black hole surrounds me and everyone says that I will be okay and I just need to dig deep inside but sometimes that can be hard to do.
    I just wanted to say thank you because it is a reminder that giving up is never an option for me or anyone else.
    I thank you for your inspiration and I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed week ahead 😊🙏🤗

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    1. Oh my friend 😦 I understand how you feel, and I understand that it can sometimes be difficult to pull yourself out of it. I mean it when I say that today is NOT your day to give up! You have a lot of heart and soul, and there is much of you that can have a positive impact on the individuals in your life. Take time to breathe, and have a PJ day if necessary. Rest. But do not give up.
      (Plus, Kath would be devastated!)
      You NEED to live. Start small and it will lead to great things! 😉 Thinking of you.

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      1. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement and kind words they mean a lot.
        I think that I sometimes don’t recognise my own limitations and take too much on but then feel overwhelmed or anxious about letting others down, I guess that it’s that sense of responsibility or wanting to feel needed but I am working on it.
        I appreciate and value your encouragement and support and your thoughts as well.
        I am reminded about starting small with the acorn and look at how that grows.
        The other one is how do you eat an elephant 🐘 one bite at a time ⌚.
        I think that I just need to refocus and prioritise better but also feel more confident in saying no to people more than I do. 🤗😊🙏

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      2. Yes, ha ha, one bite at a time.
        I do that too a lot of the time – knowing what I need to do and seemingly lacking the ability to do it. I also tend to overextend myself, and that usually doesn’t end well.
        We need to try and find balance in our lives, in all things. Even the little things.
        But the most important things to remember are that we must NEVER GIVE UP, and that when at first we don’t succeed, we need to try try again! You’ve got this, my friend! 😉

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      3. Thank you so much once again for your support and encouragement and as you said finding a balance in all aspects of life is really important and I think that it is something that I really need to do.
        I also have to agree with you and NEVER EVER GIVE UP no matter what and keep on trying but also I think with me it’s about managing expectations especially in and of myself.
        Enjoy your day my friend and thank you once again 🤗😉

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      4. You help me enormously by taking the time to read and reply to my messages but also because of your understanding and being supportive and being non judgmental.
        I usually dip 2 to 3 times a year and no one knows why but then with depression does their have to be a reason for its return.
        I have an evening on my own tonight Kath is at Bingo so I am going to spend some time looking at what is important to me and setting some focused goals but also setting some boundaries for myself in particular.
        I thought last night about having a technology detox day once a week which would mean literally doing what I have to do and then switching everything off for the day 😊
        I think that I have just put myself under too much pressure and feel a little bit out of sync but I am feeling a lot better now than I was this morning and I am sat in the office working.

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      5. I am very glad you are feeling better 🙂 Even those who don’t struggle from depression have down days – they’re just not quite as debilitating.
        I think that your plan to set goals and boundaries is an absolutely fantastic one! We all need to stop ourselves and do the same once in a while.
        Although you will be missed on a technology blackout, I do thing it might be helpful. 😉
        Thinking of you, my friend.


  2. Thank you for such an encouraging reminder. I will have to revisit this one on a weekly basis. I love the intro and how you turned a sarcastic picture 😁 into such a positive message. Today is NOT my day to give up! That sends such a strong message. Thank you so much for this post. God Bless you, my friend! ❤️

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    1. Ah, precious one…. today and tomorrow have passed…. but there’s always another set in their wake. So yes…. it will NEVER be your day 😉 Much love and many blessings to you, dear friend 💜


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