striving for seed-ship

I was introduced to someone new the other day.
“This is Meg, my friend that I was telling you about.”
Pretty standard introduction, although it usually somehow elicits the panicked thought, ”Uh oh! What exactly has been said?”

The reply was not standard.
”Ah, Meg… the seed.”


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In that moment, I certainly felt that I had achieved genius status! I have a very expressive face and so I knew my confusion was evident, but I followed up with,
“Um….hi. Seed?”

Yeah, I know, really eloquent!

There was a slight shrug, and a knowing smile exchanged between my friend and the ‘new person’. Her reply knocked me off guard completely,

“I’ve been told that you’re a great encouragement and inspiration. That you’ve been through so much, and yet you continue to smile and spread love and kindness. Your friend here says that you’re the one she turns to when she needs joy.
My husband and I call those sorts of people ‘seeds’. Because they inspire and encourage growth.”

This morning, I saw a picture on Facebook and had to smile :


Now I have to be honest here, I am sometimes a bad seed. Although I don’t quite fit this description! 
a person who is dishonest, evil, or unprincipled by nature : an innately bad person

I’d be extremely dishonest though if I said that I have never had a moment of being any of the above. Worry and negativity creeps in every now and then, which messes with my character and sends my whole being into chaos. I then become frustrated/angry/disheartened/disillusioned and ‘act out’ because I am not in alignment with my core values.

And this is why I KNOW how very important it is to continuously be aware of, practice and educate ourselves to handle correctly whatever bad thing comes our way. 

The words that were spoken about me above definitely boosted my ego a bit – but they also spoke to my core being in a way that I very much needed at the time.
(And I have to stress that while they were lovely, and very true of my relationship with this friend because we’ve been in each others lives for 20+ years and that has always been my place in her life, I don’t think that everyone views me that way. In fact, I know that they don’t.)

So this is not a boasting moment.

Instead, it was actually a type of ‘wake up’ moment for me.

Do I want to inspire and encourage growth in everyone I come into contact with? YES!
Am I doing that? Sadly, no…. not always and not everyone.
Can I change that? YES!

But it’s going to require courage and commitment. It’s going to mean hard work. It’s going to mean some pain. But this is an area I NEED to grow in. And so I have to accept all those things.

And I am not saying that I need to be perfect. It’s in my imperfections that I can actually inspire others – but I need to handle those imperfections correctly in order for them to achieve the purpose of helping others to grow – in their lives, in kindness and in love.


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I want to be THAT beautiful!

16 thoughts on “striving for seed-ship

  1. I think the best way a person can show their beauty is to just be themselves, by being genuine and being as present as you possibly can.

    Also, if we are true with ourselves, by being just who we are, we need not try to live a life that others expect of us. Be who you are in time and place and your inner beauty and soul will shine through. 🤗

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    1. I absolutely agree with you.
      But in being true with myself, it means I have to address any issues I have, and grow myself through them.
      I don’t strive to be a better me for anyone other than me – but the effects of a better and beautiful me FOR me means that there are benefits to others too 😉 And that’s in alignment with my soul and life goals…which makes a very happy me and affects other people in a happy way too 😉

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      1. Yes! No one is perfect and as we age we discover humility and how important being gentle and kind to others is. Why? Because we all want this for ourselves.
        Happy days. 🤗

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  2. What a lovely thing to say to you. I was a bit worried where the ‘seed’ comment might go :-). Totally true that we are not perfect and no one will be able to inspire everyone they come into contact with but its great that you recognise where you do and don’t. Working on it is a good thing as who doesn’t want to grow as a person :-)!

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  3. You are a seed! Don’t worry about the times you’re not acting in this way. Maybe that’s just a sign that you need to rest and take care of yourself. I can tell whenever I get into a negative frame of mind that it’s really time for me to rest. Don’t be to hard on yourself. Sainthood isn’t for sissies, you know! 😉

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    1. All these hoods appear to be completely not ideal for sissies 😛 😉
      Thank you for your kind comment. It’s definitely about resting and taking care of myself… but I think it’s also about being careful how much I let the noise of the world shout me down. Also, about choosing better which small stresses and worries actually need to matter 😉

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  4. I am learning these things, still. Life hits you right where it knows it hurts. I like the part you mentioned about being, out of character and away from your core values….. I’d like to add, morals. It flip flops everything. Self-Awareness is always important. Without it, we will not know where we need to improve… order to be an encouragement to others. This was a great post!! 💜💜

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    1. Ah, my special friend, thank you ❤
      You've been so much in my thoughts today!
      Most core values are directly related to our moral values, which is why everything just gets messed up when we drift.
      Much love to you and your son xx


  5. Hmm. Wisdom!.
    “Handle the imperfections correctly”. We can always get better and we will. 💯

    Not to flatter you but I believe you have a graceful heart than you see right now. And yes I believe we can always do better, but we should give ourselves grace in the place of growth – gradual, steady until we get there. 😊

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    1. Thank you so very much for this beautiful comment. And for the compliment…. I am a little bit flattered, but I can read the intention behind what you said, and am thankful that you view me that way.
      I actually fall short of seeing what others see in me… I’ve been told I am too hard on myself. You’re right that I need to show myself a little more grace 😉
      Thank you, again 🙂 ❤


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