Behind the curtain

Some excellent food for thought in here. As difficult as it is to ‘let stuff go’, it’s imperative for growth. Suppressing emotions and holding things in are indeed threatening to your physical health. I have found that negative emotions not dealt with quickly lead to bitterness. And none of us really wants to be bitter – we’d all prefer to be better 😉
Please take a look at this post, and hold it close to your heart. For the words are wise, and the advice is helpful.

Letters To Pogue

Dear Pogue,

I’ve had a really good few days. I’ve been with people who I feel able to talk with and really say what I am feeling and ask the questions I usually only turn over in my mind. That rare breed of people you can let your guard down with and explore some craziness. It’s been good. Feels good.

So, as we sat over a coffee at the airport on the way home, still talking, we got round to the last letter I wrote to you (I shared the contents – hope you don’t mind). We discussed the case study of the woman who suffered a trauma and went from a healthy functioning person to a total wreck. We wondered if she had received more than medication, if she’d had someone, somewhere, where she could have given expression to the events, the people and her emotions that maybe she…

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3 thoughts on “Behind the curtain

  1. Awesome post Meg! 🤗 I am in 100% agreement. Honest to goodness, I have been blown away at the physical manifestations from emotional pain. There have been days where I was in so much pain I could barely walk! Know the feeling? It has felt at times as a literal weight of the world on my shoulders. Somehow I’m betting you can relate. The stress alone of worry, anxiety, fear, depression and all the other nasties puts us at a much higher risk for sickness of all sorts. Scary really.

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder that it’s not even worth it to hold on to mess that isn’t doing one bit of good in our hearts and minds. It’s a powerful realization that we truly can walk out of prison at any time. It takes work but freedom is ours.

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    1. Yes, Holly, I know the feeling to the extreme.
      I am actually feeling it currently, and it hurts!
      The worst part is that it is due to factors I CANNOT control and has nothing to do with my behaviour.
      As mentioned in my previous comment response, the post I shared today struck me to the core.
      I need to stop limiting a limitless God 😉


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