Where do you write?


“Two friends were walking through the desert. At one stage in their journey, they had an argument and one friend slapped the other one in the face.

The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything he wrote in the sand, ‘Today my best friend slapped me in the face.’

They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to have a wash. The one who had been slapped got stuck in a mire and started drowning, but his friend saved him. After he had recovered from his shock, he wrote on a stone, ‘Today my best friend saved my life.’

The friend who slapped and saved his best friend asked him, ‘After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write in stone, why?’

The other friend replied, ‘When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it.’” 

~story from thoughtcatalogue.com~



It’s easier said than done, I know. But I read this story this morning, and it really made me pause and think. Everybody hurts sometimes, and we all get insulted on occasion. But what do we do with that?

I realised this morning that there are some hurts from the past that I have ‘written in stone’. They are things that, when I think of them, still hurt me deeply. Some of them are recent, and some of them are from many years ago. Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. I need to make a choice, and a conscious effort, to pull those stones out, and perform a rewrite. Otherwise those things will continue to hold me back.

If something is written in stone, it is permanent and cannot be changed. However, when it comes to hurt, I believe that we can roll that stone away. And destroy it. With the chemicals of love and desire – a desire to change and move forward in our lives.

I’m going to take a chance and make a change, and try and write the negatives in sand – even do a rewrite, if I must.


*Personal update*

I am doing a lot better health wise – a little bit tired still, but other than that, all is well.

Weather wise, your prayers (or cool thoughts, if you don’t pray 😉 ) have worked wonders!
As you may know from previous posts, our dams were emptying quickly and we were on water restrictions.
On Friday, it started to rain, and it still is, off and on. HOORAY!
Of course, there wasn’t an immediate change in our ghastly humidity levels, and Friday night was horrific, sitting at 93% at midnight. But by yesterday, it was a lot cooler, and we were even blessed with a cool breeze! This morning, when I got up at 05:00, I had to dig for a lightweight tracksuit top to ward off the slight chill in the air.
Cooler weather makes for a very happy Meg 😉


16 thoughts on “Where do you write?

  1. You have shared an amazing story and yes it’s not easy to forget our insults.
    But somehow it needs to be done or we can’t move a single step forward in life.
    Most of all, it feels worst when someone breaks your trust. It’s damn not so cool.
    Well, thanks for sharing this post. Have a great week.

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    1. Thank you for reading, and for your comment.
      I agree that broken trust, and hurt experienced at the hands of others, is definitely NOT cool.
      And yes, we can’t move forward if we let those types of things hold as back! It’s a process, and it’s a difficult one. But very rewarding too 😉
      Hope you have a great week too 🙂

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  2. How good does it feel when we finally put the stone down for good and take back that freedom we have given up whilst carrying the stone. Let it go. How ever bad it was it is never worth hanging onto. It’s only affecting one person.
    So glad your feeling better. Knowing someone is unwell and being unable to help is hard. So glad the prayers and cool thoughts are working.
    We’re at the other end of the spectrum here and I’m having to dress up to go out as there’s ice outside!

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    1. Very true words, Wic. Thanks for the comment.
      Your side of the spectrum is my favourite side, as weird as it sounds. For some silly reason, the cold makes me immensely happy – it could be that I am a lot more productive in cooler weather 😉


  3. Good morning Meg,
    Another wonderful post about something that affects a lot of people including myself but I am slowly coming to terms with the issues that affected me whilst growing up.
    I think that it is important to remember though that once we have forgiven and forgotten that we don’t have to put ourselves back into that situation and sometimes it is better to move on.
    I am reminded of a book that I read called The Journey by Brandon Bays who worked with Tony Robbins.
    She developed a tumor which kept increasing in size and yet she developed an idea that actually shrunk the tumor by going deep inside yourself and looking at past hurts, regrets and unresolved issues in relationships and holding a campfire
    You would really have to read the book to appreciate the idea and the science behind it.

    I am glad that you are feeling a little better and that you are experiencing rain.
    We are experiencing cold and freezing weather and this morning we had a very heavy fog but we are right on the coast.
    Enjoy your day and much love to you and your family 🙏 ❤️ 💐

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      1. Thanks for your kind words and best wishes to Kath and I. ❤️
        The Journey is a really good book and I think that the principle is adaptable and would work.
        Like everything in life though the pages of a book offer lots of different ideas and principles but if we don’t open the pages then they are just books 😊☕


  4. An amazing story. Definitely have some things written in stone that shouldn’t have been. This inspires me to let those stones be dissolved in God’s love. Glad to hear things are looking up! ❤

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  5. Meg, you’re just awesome! You know that? What a wonderful blessing you are. Your heart is as pure as can be and it shines through with every word. Please never stop writing. 🙂 You are very gifted!

    This post shares such a powerful truth to remember. I especially LOVED, “Pain is inevitable but misery is optional.” Amen!! Wow. What an incredible quote. It’s tragic, really, how many days we have spent in our lives rehashing wounds we can do absolutely nothing about. Only God can heal them. How many days has the enemy robbed from us using our pain as his fuel to do so? How many lies have we believed as a result of the pain & trauma? It’s deeply heartbreaking to think about….

    I am grateful to see that you are taking the journey of letting go – finding freedom once and for all. You deserve to walk in wholeness and know what it is to enjoy everyday life – not worrying about what was but looking toward what will be. I believe your best days are yet to come!

    Grateful to hear that you are getting some relief with the weather and with your health. Bless your heart. So sorry for all you’ve been through! Sending my very best love & prayers straight away! 💕

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    1. Oh Holly, thank you for this absolutely wonderful comment. You really are such a blessing to me and I appreciate you so much! ❤
      The roads are never easy on this journey of life.. and I've been told I drive like a girl 😛 😉 BUT at least I'm driving 😉
      I shall continue in every endeavor, and I will keep on keeping on….
      Even if sometimes it means I take one step forward AND one step back.
      I choose to see those steps as a cha-cha 😉
      Things are very tough – but I know the One Who is tougher. And I was reminded of that this morning.
      Blessings and love to you, my beautiful friend ❤


      1. Marvellous, Meg. You probably already told me that before xD. Wow, I honestly just learned how to spell marvellous… I have never written or typed that word before!

        “I don’t have a second name, so the angry ”you’re in trouble” version of my name was always MEGAN!”

        —hahahaha, how awful though! Makes me want to both laugh and cry.

        For me, it was just “young man” no matter what, Even until the age of 27 or so, that was the last time I was called that!

        Also if you want to annoy me, ask me if my name is spelt with a ‘y’ or just called me Robert or Robbie.

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      2. Haha whaaaaaaat! I can’t believe you took that long to tell me that haha. That is funny. So it’s him spoiling my google search results!


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