(I’d hate to think who else’s underwear I could possibly be wearing!)

I’ve had an interesting two days, and there is much that has been learnt.
After my emotional and soul baring meltdown post, I felt guilty and very miserable. Yesterday, I realised why. So before I mention all the things I have learned the last two days, let me say this :

At the very forefront of my mind right now is the reminder that when we are out of alignment with our core values, we not only lose sight of purpose, but we become increasingly miserable and lose sight of everything else too. And that is what I allowed to happen.
The very real lesson, however, was how easily this can happen. And how long it can last. And how increasingly more difficult it makes day-to-day life as the misery descends like a cloud.

But it DOES happen. And we can’t fault people for it. And we also can’t blame ourselves when it happens to us. The important thing, as with many other situations in life, is to acknowledge that it’s happening/happened and work on changing it – changing ourselves – continuing with our journey in alignment with our core values.

The lessons of the last two days have been more reminders – mainly two of them – much needed ones, that have put me back on track and allowed me to feel calm again, despite the storms that continue to rage.

First reminder : Bad things happen, even to good people. Situations and circumstances that are validly negativeΒ will happen. And while we cannot ignore that and need to keep ourselves aware and prepared, at the same time we need to ensure that they do not consume our focus.

Second reminder : Honesty about where we are at can not only be a lifesaver, but a life changer. When the cloud begins to descend and the negativity is overwhelming, there will be some people who will shy away from you – and that is okay. But hold dear and appreciate the ones whoΒ are there. Listen to their hearts.

As I listened to hearts who reached out to me, I was once again overwhelmed. But this time with a joyous emotion and a comfort that I cannot explain. Nobody held me tightly in their arms and made me feel secure and loved. And yet it was as close as it gets. Distance is merely a physical barrier – and souls can still support each other despite it.

So to those who commented, have prayed, and emailed –

I know that ‘thank you’ suffices, and yet it doesn’t express how truly grateful I am. You made a difference. To me.
I was also completely overwhelmed by a phone call – the funny thing is that it didn’t dwell on the negatives, which inadvertently shifted my focus and served as a reminder of sorts all on its very own.

WordPress World – you are special to me.

Yes, the situation in my country is ”impossible”, dire, worrisome.

But in life? I am actually doing really well.

We have a roof over our heads; we have food to eat; We have people who genuinely care for us; We have clean clothes (although some are a bit religious πŸ˜› ) ; and we all still have a dream.

Shifting focus – thank you again for the love and reminders.


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15 thoughts on “focus

  1. It expressed so well some of my thoughts that I don’t feel the urgent need to write about those myself yet, but I can wait a while :).

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  2. Hi Meg,
    Your honesty is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for and in many respects highlights your sincerity and integrity.
    Our core values and beliefs can sometimes be knocked out of kilter by the slightest event and you are so right that when they are knocked a cloud of fog can and does descend upon you.
    I sometimes liken it to having 2 heads one going one way and the other in the opposite direction, and it isn’t easy to get back into realignment.
    I think that we often have to question ourselves about what it is that is putting us out of alignment and then make the adjustment.
    I hope that you continue to make good progress in your life and future and enjoy the remainder of your week. β€οΈπŸ€—πŸ˜Š
    I would have happily emailed you but don’t know how to with WordPress but you can have my personal email address if you want it πŸ˜ŠπŸ“§πŸ™

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    1. Oh Paul, thank you for this. Some might argue that my honesty highlights that my mental health is questionable πŸ˜› I can assure you that it isn’t… but I certainly never thought that it would ever be a reflection of sincerity and integrity. I really like that. Thank you ❀
      Here's hoping that your week is beautiful too, my friend… for both you and Kath.
      Thank you for the love, support and kindness you always show me. It is undeniably very special to me.
      Much love to you both xx ❀


  3. I love that you are so honest and real. It really helps to know other people struggle with these things. I am happy that you are feeling better. Your post reminded me that I have been shifting away from some of my core values, too. It’s crazy how fast and easy we can wander away. Thank God that he is always there with open arms to help us shift our focus back to Him. Thank you for sharing. And that goes for both posts. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you ❀ I always feel extra vulnerable when I expose my 'ugly truths'…. but to keep them hidden would throw me completely out of sync. (Much worse than the place I was in.) I often think that sometimes we have these 'uglies' in order to share them… it could be beneficial to others out there. But we so want to impress that we hold back – and then everyone loses!
      Thank YOU for your comments, thoughts and prayers. You have great meaning in my life ❀

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