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This morning, as I sipped thoughtfully on my second cup of coffee and watched a YouTube video, something in me seemed to wake up – and it wasn’t just because of my brain’s caffeine ecstasy.

I’m sure that in my archives somewhere I have probably written a post on ‘balance’ – healthy life balance to boost happiness and productivity each day. A part of me still agrees with that because sometimes we have to be careful about what we choose to connect to – we need to balance things out and focus more on priorities, seeking out positive contributions to our lives as opposed to negative ones.

As a single mom, (and dad – because he’s been gone for 12+ years), breadwinner, head of the household, I have a lot that I need to juggle and balance on a daily basis. Throughout the day, I find myself thinking of the next thing that needs to be done on the list and how I am going to accomplish it, or fit it in, while still attending to the things that require my immediate attention.


I’m missing out! Sabotaging myself, in a way!

Instead of balancing my need to be balanced, I’ve focused way too much on it! (That makes sense in my head – hope it does in yours too!)

I’ve been so focused on finding balance and accomplishing it, that I have lost sight of being present in the moment. Completely present. Showing up and being there, just in that moment!

And allowing myself to reflect on that, I can actually ‘see’ where I have missed out on so many opportunities to experience so many wonderful things! 

Moments have always been special to me, don’t get me wrong. Being present is something I push for. But if I am entirely honest? As ‘present’ as I am? My mind is still ‘juggling’, at a mile a minute, the next thing that needs to be done.

I am totally missing out on what can be accomplished, enjoyed and celebrated if I just stop and stay in that moment instead of worrying if I’m balancing things correctly!

After all, the present moment is all I have that is guaranteed – so I need to make the most of it! 



6 thoughts on “momentary presence

  1. Being present in the moment is sometimes incredibly difficult with everything that goes on around us. It takes time to clear away the content of our mind and focus on the immediate. I know this is the only reality we have as past is gone and future is only in our imaginations but if you’re like me your mind will find numerous places to be that are not here. Sometimes some of them are more appealing then this reality so there is a temptation not to be here

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    1. Once again, you speak wisdom and truth. 😉 And I definitely agree that some days reality is in need of escaping.
      Being present in the moment IS difficult – but I definitely need to try and be a little bit more than I am.
      My mind is too often like a busy internet browser – eight tabs open at once. They’re all working, and successfully loading the information that is needed – but I can’t ‘see’ them all at the same time. Hopping around and juggling in an attempt to do so means that I am so often missing something important on one of them.
      I don’t know for sure that I will master this… but one thing I know for sure is that I need to at least try. To slow down long enough and focus long enough to appreciate and learn from each page 😉
      And allot myself some time to focus on the magic of just being, and dreaming 😉

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      1. Do you use a todo list? I know exactly the feeling you’re talking about, though I can’t say I’ve ever, or often had as many simultaneous important responsibilities as you have! But using a todo list for me was the single biggest improvement I made for reducing mental clutter for things like this :).

        If you’re like me, you’re simply not good at holding things in your mind simultaneously, and need as much of your brain written down as possible! I think videos on ADHD strategies might be helpful for you. Your description about the internet browser tabs was such a classic way that people with ADHD describe ADHD, lol.

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      2. I definitely have a to do list – a few of them, actually 😛
        They definitely do help… but I need to ‘be present in the moment’, instead of checking the list for what is coming up next. 😉 If that makes any sense?
        Thank you for the helpful advice, Robs 🙂

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      3. Sorry Megs, I’m sure you must’ve mentioned your todo lists before 😆.

        Yes, I know what you mean! You know what I’ve been playing with the idea of focusing entirely on what I’m doing now, and how much to think about what I’m doing next— and I find that having part of my mind on what I’m doing next, does actually help me! It helps me to keep moving. There’s a balance between focusing on the moment, but also moving quickly enough considering what else you need to do. But definitely with a high proportion on the ‘now’. 💙.

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  2. I have been thinking a great deal about balance recently because it is something that matters to me a great deal however I know that I fail in so many aspects.
    Balance is a wonderful thing but it is really difficult to achieve at times especially when you consider all of the time constraints that we have.
    Being in the moment and just enjoying it can sometimes be difficult but I know that there are great rewards if we can achieve it.
    I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed day and enjoy the weekend my dear friend 😊 🤗

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