You’re worthless

I had another post planned for today. I’ll still work on it, but…
this particular blog post is something very close to my heart.
I am constantly reminded of a book title that was on a shelf in my house growing up. It was the book by Barbara Johnson, and the title was, ”I’m so glad you told me what I didn’t wanna hear”.

Having been caught up in cycles of abuse in more ways than one, the post I am sharing today is such an encouragement, and reminder of the hope that we ALL have in breaking that cycle,
It IS possible.
It’s not easy though, and from personal experience I know that the negative beliefs have a way of creeping back in – but you have to start somewhere, and although the journey may be somewhat painful and discouraging at times, the small victories that you are able to celebrate make every step worth it!
It’s never too late to try! Take courage, my friends, and remember that you ARE loved!

Letters To Pogue

Dear Pogue,

I’m guessing that, like me, you follow some of the blogs on Word Press? I tend to dip into some to get the flavour. I’m convinced that if we had the time and the energy we’d probably find that anything and everything that we can imagine will find a voice with someone writing furiously to create content. How diverse people are.

One thing I’ve noticed, and once you’ve seen something you’re going to keep seeing it, is that there are a lot of hurting people out there. I’m guessing that writing is a form of therapy. We recently exchanged letters on the healing power of confession and I’m thinking that this is what I’m seeing. Amongst the hurting there appears to be a significant number who are suffering from trauma that occurred in their past life. Things done to them by others. Occasionally I read between the lines…

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3 thoughts on “You’re worthless

  1. Good afternoon my friend I hope that you are enjoying your weekend and feeling rested. 😊
    I totally agree with you about your post especially about the feelings of worthlessness and being unloved but as you said if you have hope then anything can be accomplished..
    I know that at times people become discouraged but I also know that our small victories make all the difference in the world.
    I truly believe that we are all loved and worthy of being loved and those who criticise, put us down and undervalue our worth really don’t understand us as individuals. ❤️😊🤗
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and love to you and your family xx

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