What are the odds that you’re awesome?

I don’t listen to podcasts – well not really, anyway. And it’s not just a personal thing.

My children love apples – but only the Granny Smith kind, and so there’s always a few on the kitchen counter. When they complain that there’s ‘nothing to eat in this house’ (usually in reference to nothing that they consider worth eating – no sugary substances or other such junk food – and IΒ know you have this problem too), I am able to point at the apple supply with satisfaction and a murmur of, ‘see? you won’t starve’!

But those are the only ‘apples’ in our house.

I don’t know the exact year, but after asking a few friends, and based on my own knowledge, I think Apple only really became popular in South Africa about 6 years ago. And over here, if you have an iPhone, you’re pretty much top-notch.

As I mentioned above, I am only top-notch with my endless supply of Granny Smith Apples. πŸ˜›

I discovered midway through last year, due to a friend sharing a link to a ‘must hear’ podcast with me, that my computer can actually access these, despite it not being Apple related. Since then, I have listened to a few. The thing is that they don’t really ‘work for me’. I can’t get on with my day while I am listening – I need to give it my attention and a lot of times I want to be able to make notes to remember things that are important to me. When I half listen and wash the dishes, I can’t make notes… and I miss a lot.

I need to connect. I need toΒ see you talking to me. Somehow words work in written format for me – I am able to connect. But if you’re telling me something important so that I can grow and be a better me, then just hearing your voice isn’t going to cut it. I need to see you. So the better option for me is always video – thus YouTube is my ‘go to’. So now the point of this blog post (gosh, yes! I took a long time to get here!) :

I watched a YouTube video the other day and something that was said has been on my mind ever since. (Thanks, Mel Robbins!) I did check what I heard and saw, and there were tons of other equally astounding odds in relation to this.

“Scientists estimate the probability of your being born at about one in 400 trillion.”


Wait, what???!!!!???

^^^Read it again^^^That’s a BIG number, and those odds are mind blowing!

Now I totally get it when someone has gone through experiences in life that has robbed them of their self-worth. I totally get it that sometimes life is hard, circumstances are devastating, peace feels like it’s only ever going to be a sign from the 60’s.

I totally get it because I have experienced it first hand. I sometimes still do. Life ain’t perfect, and neither am I.Β We can’t control everything.

BUT …. 1:400 TRILLION ???


Your existence is extraordinary! It surpasses all known human or natural powers. You’re a miracle that breathes!Β 

You ARE awesome!

And the next time you begin to question why you ever born… or someone else questions it and tells you that you shouldn’t have been – that you are unwanted and unworthy? PLEASE remember the above! Because with odds like that, there is DEFINITELY a reason for your birth – your life definitely serves a purpose!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, or where you’ve been, or where you’re at right now. It doesn’t matter what other people tell you, or what you have been led to believe.Β 

It matters that you let the above sink in, and take a chance to make a change, if need be. Put in that little bit extra… because YOU’RE WORTH IT! With odds like that, stop underestimating yourself!

Go and be the awesome ‘you’ that you are!

13 thoughts on “What are the odds that you’re awesome?

  1. I heard that statistic too (from the same video of course! lol), and that number is wayyyy too small! It’s hard to know what they mean by it, how they are defining ‘you’.

    The chance of us being here at all is the chance of all those things that have happened since the beginning of the universe, happening.

    If you just sayβ€” given that humans exist (and define a ‘human’ as what our ancestors from 100,000 years ago onwards were like)β€” then you still have to think of the odds of an impossible number of events happening, each with an impossible number of possibilitiesβ€” molecules moving about, trees moving in the wind, animals running around, both ancestors from each generation meeting, those particular genes from amongst their combined genes being expressed…if there was any way of putting a number to it, it would be unimaginably many digits long!

    It’s really a nonsensical question, but the conclusion is correctβ€” it’s simply impossible that you exist, or that the universe and solar system exist, with the potential for life to existβ€” physical constants have to be just right, etc… and we’re blessed with a wonderful, interesting solar system and planet! AND history of life on Earth, for which we fortunately have fossils! All of this is impossible :D. We’re living in a dream world.

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  2. That statistic is truly mind blowing but ultimately it proves our worth as being chosen to live.
    Life can be a hard slog for lots of people and everyone who has ever been born has had struggles but those struggles can be the making of us.
    I truly believe that God has chosen us to live at the time that we are in just as much as I believe that we come into contact with the people we are supposed to and our journeys in life we meet many people who influence us. πŸ™ ❀️

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