Beach Sunrise

I’ve mentioned before that I am a ‘mountains and waterfalls, forest and lakes’ kind of person. I think this may be largely due to the fact that I grew up in a coastal town where the beach was never more than a 5 minute car drive away.
Because we’re a coastal town, people flock to the beach in droves – and not just in Summer. Our Winter’s are generally warm, and so even though the sea temperature is not of great encouragement for swimming purposes, many visit the beach in Winter for walks, and beach games (rugby, cricket, volleyball). Young families can be found on the beach in Winter, because the children can still run and build sand castles.

It’s not that I don’t like the beach. Please don’t get me wrong. I love the ocean – but have a deep respect for it too. I love watching the waves, and can sit for hours when dolphins come out to play, or whales decide to entertain me. My children and I had the opportunity a few years back to go on a small Catamaran sailing yacht, with some of the sailors from a local yacht club. We went quite far out, and even saw a shark! It was an amazing experience and we all discovered that we may just have sea legs 😉
I love long walks on the beach, just before sunset.

That said, I do not get excited about planned beach outings. Especially when the beach is busy, which it is, more often than not, here. I like it when it’s almost deserted – but the last seven years have not allowed for enjoying this time with the horrific rise in crime.
I don’t like lying around in the sand. And I still wear long pants or a long skirt to the beach! Ha ha ha ha! I just can’t bare to share, well, my bare legs.
My friend, who is now 63, assures me that in another ten years I really won’t care what people think anymore, and I’ll don my bathing suit and go for a dip in the ocean despite them. I’m waiting another ten years 😛 😉

At the moment, our beaches are closed. And law enforcement is prohibiting us from going for a drive, just to soak in the scenery. Our 21 day lock down is surprisingly strict for my country. They’re successfully pulling it off in my town – I suppose that’s the ‘bain’ of living in a small place. But I understand why the measures are in place, and I accept them.

I found this random picture on Facebook, to show you what my local beach looks like – it’s about a twenty minute walk from my house.

3 view

What sparked me to look for this pic?

Because I actually want to share the pictures I am going to post below, that I saw this morning. They were taken by someone who lives along one of the beach roads… basically from the opposite side of the picture above. He shared them on our community group on Facebook this morning. They were of sunrise, today.

So I thought I’d share some sunrise beauty with all of you too! 😉

Trusting everyone is safe and well!

1 view2 view


12 thoughts on “Beach Sunrise

    1. Your sailing experience sounds like it was amazing, too. What a cool experience.

      I cannot even imagine looking out to see and seeing dolphins, whales or sharks! 😱

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      1. Wow! Send some here! Although I don’t live near the sea now, forgot 😠

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      2. I actually have a video of killer whales breaching very close by! From a whale-watching boat tour off Vancouver in Canada! It was incredible 😀

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      3. I watched a Mommy Whale come in really close and give birth to her baby. It was almost a whole day, of way too much coffee at a coffee shop on the beach, but worth it! Daddy was not too far away, playing in the waves. 😉

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      4. Whaaaat!! That’s incredible Megs! What a thing to have witnessed, wow. Thanks for telling the story! 💙 What kind of whale were they?


  1. Hi Meg,
    The pictures look really amazing and I can see the beauty of the area although it is a shame that the crime rate puts people off going out and the lockdown doesn’t help.
    I live quite close to the sea but the best beaches are around 10 to 15 miles away although we do enjoy visiting them.
    I once lived on the Cornish coast in a fishing village called St Ives and I really enjoyed the winter there more than the summer.
    Summer was far too busy and the streets and beaches were packed but in winter you had miles of beach to yourself and it was especially enjoyable after a winter storm and everything felt refreshed.
    You never know one day you may get away from the long skirt or pants after all I wear denim jeans a lot more now and didn’t even own a pair until Kath and I got together in 2014 😂😂
    Enjoy your day in whatever way you can and stay safe and well alongside your family and I hope that your mother is okay after all the upset of the move and probably not being able to see you and your family at the moment. ❤️🤗

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