Piece of Peace


I have a hope that the pandemic has taught us all how very true the above really is. Every new morning that presents itself to us is a gift. And it truly is the greatest gift.
It’s probably the only one that I have no difficulty receiving – I embrace it with open arms; no matter how bad the weather is, my health is, how sleepy my brain is etc. I am always truly happy at being given ‘another shot’ – a whole new day full of possibilities and opportunities. And reasons to smile.

I am a giver, naturally. It’s just something I do, and have no problem doing. I struggle with taking – even when a gift is freely given. This is something I have been made very aware of that needs work. It’s a mindset that needs changing. For if we freely give, then we should also be prepared to freely receive.

And I received a financial gift from a friend who is very dear to me, which enabled me to purchase a new laptop. My previous laptop had lasted almost ten years, but was finally going on the blink more than what it was working. And eventually, it died. And my friend decided to give more than they already do, and sowed into my life financially.
(This friend blesses me daily, with laughter and smiles and excellent soul food – introducing me to things that count and help me grow! It was already more than enough for my hungry heart.)

I have spent the last two days trying to come up with a ‘killer blog post’, to do the gratitude in my heart for this amazing gift justice. I wanted to present you all with a masterpiece that would wow you. A true work of reading art that would encourage, inspire and motivate you as you dip your own paintbrushes into the colourful paint pots for your life canvases.

I came up empty.

But here is a parting thought for you to take into this day with you, and one that I hope you will remember and possibly even dwell on for a while each and every day :
Master Peace

In each day, pause for a moment and focus on peace – inner peace, if you will.
There is turmoil in the world around us, and no doubt we will face trials each day – some small and possibly insignificant, and some that threaten to overwhelm us.
But in each day, we also need to take a moment to ‘see the peace’ as well.
It isn’t unattainable, despite what is happening around us.

But we need to be aware, and sometimes we need to just work a little harder to seek it out, in order to find it. Sometimes all it takes is that pause in the busyness to just breathe. It’s a one step at a time kind of thing – one minute, one hour, one day.

And so I end with my hope for all of you : may you all experience contentment and pure joy starting today and extending into forever ❤


14 thoughts on “Piece of Peace

  1. Hah! You think you came up empty? I’d have to completely disagree with you there! This is a killer blog post that serves as a powerful reminder to ‘simply be.’ Busyness can be a blessing or our worst enemy. One thing these days of chaos have done is force us to slow down in many ways. We’ve been forced to come out of our comfort zones and familiar patterns. No more hiding in the hustle and bustle of life.

    As for the gift you have received – wow – I am so grateful you have this wonderful friend. God is good. He knows exactly what we need when we need it. It does my heart good to hear you are receiving, as your giving is coming back to you! (Even though I know you expect absolutely nothing in return)

    I hope you are enjoying your new laptop, peace of mind and heart, as well as endless love and goodness in your days. You are dearly loved & appreciated, Meg! 🤗

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  2. Good morning Meg,
    I would say that you say that you came up empty in posting a killer blog post, I personally beg to differ inasmuch as sometimes less is more and your post really does highlight the need to develop an attitude of gratitude.
    I like yourself struggle with the acceptance of receiving gifts from other’s and I believe that I am more of a giver than a receiver.
    The one lesson that I have learnt from the last 5 weeks after Kath left is that I took for granted her love and betrayed that love.
    I am grateful for your inspiration and for your friends who so lovingly invest in your life, by them doing so I believe that they have allowed you to continue to bless the lives of others.
    I wish both you and your family good health and safety during this current pandemic and my thoughts and prayers are sent out to you.
    Stay safe and take care of yourself. XX

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