Worth… again


I just can’t stress this enough!

The last 24 hours have made me even more aware of this – not in my own personal life, but as I have interacted with others.

You may say, ”But you don’t understand.”

Hear me when I say this : I DO! If I shared some of the words that had been spoken over me, you would be horrified – and in total agreement if I told you that I felt unworthy.
There is validation in your feeling that way if it comes from an abusive past….

There is not validation in staying in that place though.

It’s not an easy road. Going back, identifying and dealing with that false belief system, and breaking through into a changed perspective on the essence of you is HARD! 

But it is worth it. Because no matter your circumstances, or what you have been told, YOU are worth it!

I shared a post back in February, which I feel strongly in my heart needs to be revisited by us all, especially in these troubling times, where we’re all feeling rather lost in one way or another. There is a lot right now that we cannot control, and unfortunately there are a lot of circumstances that are making us question our value as individuals (like the man who has lost his job because of Covid, and now cannot provide for his family – does this make him unworthy? NO! But it can make him feel that way!).

I also want to throw something in here real quick as well….

Your worth is not based on the opinions of others. But it’s also not based on the actions of others. Before we work on relationships ‘out there’, we need to work on the most important relationship that we have – the one we have with ourselves.

I spoke with someone yesterday who told me, ”It’s just another failed relationship. I guess I am not worthy of love.”
When I told them they were still loved, they referred back to the ‘romantic relationship’.
So then I asked, ”How do you see yourself from the perspective of being a friend? Are you a good friend?”
The answer was, ”I think so. My friends know they can rely on me, and that I have their backs – and they have mine.”
So I asked, ”Is that not love?”
”Yeah, I guess. But if you can’t have a partner to share your life with, then you’re pretty worthless when it comes to loving, aren’t you?”

The conversation continued, but I want to leave you with this :

Your worth is not based on what other people say and do.
Your worth is not based on whether or not you’re single, or a good partner in a romantic relationship.
Your worth is not based on how much, or how little you have.
Your worth is not based on the circumstances you are facing – not now, not in the future, and certainly not from your past.

YOU ARE WORTHY – so worthy, in fact, that you deserve to embrace every opportunity that you have to learn and grow and accept it! (And we have many opportunities, especially with the internet and the resources out there – we just sometimes avoid it because it seems easier not to address the issues.)

And I’ll say it again : it’s hard! It’s painful. You may still have moments where you find yourself questioning your worth – I know I do – but for me personally I have found it to be a good thing, because it makes me stop, and really think… and I remember… I HAVE got worth, despite ‘whatever’.

As per the post I referred to above : Jump that fence! You’re worth it! ❤


12 thoughts on “Worth… again

  1. Good morning Meg, my dear friend,

    Thank you so much for posting this today because I think that it is a really positive thought and I hope that some of not all of your followers will recognise their worth.

    I know that recently I have questioned my own worth a great deal especially following the break up of Kath and I.
    I had reason to question it again on Friday because it was my birthday, 56 I know I don’t look that old 😀
    For the first time in quite a number of years I didn’t get a birthday card of my maternal aunt and uncle or a phone call and it made me question my worth to them and the value of our relationship.
    I did however have a phone call from my brother who I hardly ever speak to, we weren’t really a very close family which really blew me away.
    I appreciate though that my worth and value in life is based upon my opinion of myself and the contribution that I make in society.
    I hope that everything is going as well for you as you can expect it to and as ever my thoughts and prayers reach out to you and your family 💗🙏🤗

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    1. Happy birthday for last Friday, Paul! I hope it was a wonderful day with a lot of reasons to laugh and smile.
      Some days it’s difficult for us to NOT doubt our worth… but we need to make a conscious effort to remember and repeat the words that you have held on to and appreciated – your worth and value most certainly are based on you.
      Thinking of you, and thank you for your kind comment ❤

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      1. Hi Meg
        Thank you so much for your kind thoughts.
        My birthday was actually really enjoyable albeit strange having Kath doing so much for me.
        Life is pretty tough at the moment but I know that I will get through this stage of it.
        I am finding it tough being on my own but I am not really thinking too much about the future.
        Take care of yourself and your family my friend and stay safe 💖🤗🙏

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  2. Sometimes I just want to look people in the eye and say: “You’re loved, you’re accepted and you’re valuable” and continue doing so until a light comes on. And sometimes I just want to say: “it’s not your fault” until the truth dawns on them. Sometimes there’s a distance to go to experience the healing we need but it’s a journey worth every step. Great post.

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    1. And sometimes, even when we have made that journey and are reaching a wonderful destination, there are still times that a bump appears in the road.
      My light is on… but sometimes it flickers.
      In those moments, I try to remember the few who have done just what you have said : reminded me that I am loved, accepted and valuable. And in those moments, strangely enough, the more I remember those people, the more the words begin to bring me comfort.
      But it IS a long road, and can be difficult at times. DEFINITELY worth it though 😉

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