Rainy days

As a child, I was terrified of the dark… and of thunder storms.
I was always told this was a completely unnatural fear.
Then again, I was still scurrying to my parent’s room in the middle of the night at age 9. Waking Dad first was always an advantage – he’d let me slip in next to him and all was well. My mother was a different story – I had to brave the darkness once again and fetch my blanket and pillow, and sleep on the floor next to her. I could see under their bed, and there was always this ‘thing’ there – I was convinced it was a rat that was coming to eat me. At age 9, I remembered to look in the daylight and discovered it was a tennis ball! Ha ha ha!

As a child, I had an incredible imagination! I was a reader… and if the night time’s were anything to go by, perhaps it was to my disadvantage πŸ˜›

When I was 12, the ‘harsh light of day’ and the things that happened there made me fall in love with the darkness.
And despite encounters within darkness that were far from pleasant since then – I still love it.

And the true ‘sunshine and happiness’ in my personality are most prominent when it is overcast and raining and ‘gloomy’ outside. (I’ve been told by many that this makes me rather strange – and there is a running joke with a few that I am secretly a Twilight vampire, because I really do not like the sun!) Now I’ll admit that that, and some of my peace, is slightly disturbed when I have to drive in that weather – it has been said that if you can drive safely here in my town, you can drive anywhere. πŸ˜›

But I saw this… and was quite surprised to find that this part of me is NOT that strange….

It’s raining here today! The smile on my face doesn’t get any broader!

I am celebrating being a Pluviophile! πŸ˜‰

Photo credit : positivewordsresearch.com


15 thoughts on “Rainy days

  1. I think most children were afraid of the dark. And enjoying the rain falling down outside whilst we’re inside the house is sort of comforting. So I’m with you 😊 hey, do you like to walk in a thunderstorm? I love it

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  2. Enjoy the rain! I remember someone telling me that when it would rain she’d go outside. A blogger here posted a picture of someone dancing in the rain. If not for getting wet I love being out in the rain. Though blue sky days are the best.

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  3. I had never heard of that word, but I guess I am one as well. I love rainy days. They are so relaxing and calming. I always get super excited over the first thunderstorm in spring, too. 😊

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  4. I have to admit that I too enjoy the rain especially when I am walking, everything seems very different β˜”πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ€—
    I did a 10 mile walk last year around the outskirts of a lake in North Wales and it was constantly raining, a very fierce and driving rain and I loved every minute of it 😊.

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