Holiday Wish List

Everything is different this year. Birthdays were celebrated, and yet not. New life happened, but there were no hospital visits and flower deliveries. Lives were lost, and a text message/phone call became the new way to comfort.

Christmas is different too. And yet… is it? Admittedly, my usual Christmas spirit seems to have gone on a vacation all by itself. We’ve had some dreadful humidity these last few days so perhaps it has sought out a cooler climate. I wish it had thought to take me with it!

Last night, as I sat thinking about Friday – Christmas Day – (my goodness, how did it get here so fast!!!!) I also started thinking about seasonal things. I had shared the following on my personal Facebook page last Friday, with just one week to go till the ‘big day’ :

I went to look at it again, and it suddenly struck me that this has been my wish list all year, for a few years.
If someone asked me what I would like my life to look like, it would be all of the above. Circumstances are not always conducive to these things… but I could still make the effort.

Here is hoping that in these difficult times….

May you all have the least of the less… and an overwhelmingly encouraging abundance of the more! ❀
Not just for this holiday season… but every day πŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Holiday Wish List

  1. I understand how you feel my friend about the Christmas spirit going on vacation, however interestingly enough in my area many more people have decorated the outside of their homes than usual.
    I think that although this year will be a very different one many people are reconnecting with themselves and nature.β€πŸ€—
    I believe that it will be a long time before we see normality again but the new normal will I think be better than it was before.πŸ€—β€
    I wish you and your family a very Merry and Safe Christmas and a Blessed New Year and may all of your hopes,dreams and aspirations be fulfilled x

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    1. Thank you so much ❀
      Wishing you all the very best for this New Year ahead. Even if it's worse than the one before? I wish a candle in the darkness for you, to bring a smile to your face and light the path that will keep you going ❀


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