a little love

In case you missed all the romantic paraphernalia in a variety of stores… tomorrow is Valentine’s Day – or for me, Single Awareness Day 😛
I am not a big fan of this day, because it’s been exploited, and prices skyrocket, and besides, every day is a day to celebrate love – whether it be love for your partner, or love for your friends, or love for your children etc.

Many years ago, I wrote a Valentine’s story. There are a few of you who will recognise it as I have shared it before, and you liked and commented. It’s something I like to revisit every year at this time. Not because it is any great piece of literature… but because I personally never want to forget the meaning behind it.
When I wrote it, I truly hoped it would go viral. Even if it went that way as ‘anonymous’. Because it wasn’t about ME! It was about the MEANING.

So here it is, for those of you who may have missed it….

I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to read it.

“I feel like I should go.”
“Whenever you’re ready.”
“Not yet. I think I’ll have some more juice first.”

She smiled and filled his glass, and then plopped into the chair next to him, sighing deeply. He smiled, raised his glass to her, and said,
            “Here’s to us.”
She winked and gave him the biggest smile she could. Then she giggled,
“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

He rolled his eyes and they laughed together. They’d been together for ten years and had never yet ‘properly’ celebrated a Valentine’s Day together.

This was the thing that had drawn them together in the first place – the knowledge and desire to live every day as Valentine’s Day.
To do things with love – loving strangers and animals and friends, and inadvertently loving themselves.

Every day the opportunity to love each other was not wasted.
Every week he brought something new for the garden – so her house had a permanent supply of her favourite plants and flowers.
Breakfast in bed, taking turns with housework, a surprise bottle of champagne or dinner out… these things were not just saved for special occasions.
Uplifting words of love and encouragement, and exclamations at their good looks and intelligence, were a daily thing.
So when Valentine’s Day came around, it was just another day for them.

He reached for her hand, and stroked it gently, asking,
            “Do you think they’ll ever get it?”
She shrugged and replied solemnly,
            “Some do, and that counts.”

He nodded thoughtfully, and then said,
            “I broke our rule a bit…I got you something for Valentine’s Day. It’s in the cupboard.”
Raising an eyebrow, she retrieved a large, flat box from its hiding place.
As she slowly lifted the lid with a frown, he grinned,
            “Don’t be too mad. It’s for the baby.”

Instinctively, her hand rested on her swollen belly for a moment, and she caressed the bundle that had been nestling there for the past seven months. Then she smiled lovingly at him, and opened the lid.

She lifted out the large scrapbook, entitled ‘The Love Journal’, and began to page through it. Unable to hold back the tears any longer, she let them travel a silent path down her cheeks, wetting her neck, as she saw what he’d done.

He had taken their photo’s and memories as a couple and filled the book with them, as well as tips and quotes on each page, as a reminder and guide to the beauty of loving every day – doing things for others unselfishly. At the end of the book, in a sleeve, was a voucher to purchase another journal – she removed it from its plastic resting place and gave him a watery smile,
            “For me and the baby?”

He nodded, a tear escaping from the corner of his eye. She gently nestled in next to him and held him tightly when he said,
            “I guess I’m ready.”
Looking up at his handsome face, she kissed his chin and whispered,
            “I love you.”
He held her, and whispered words of love to her. Then laying a hand on her stomach, he whispered a little more, before closing his eyes.

The doctor and nurse watched from the doorway, tears streaming down their cheeks, listening and waiting patiently for the young couple to say their goodbyes. As he took his last breath, each of them knew in their hearts that they had got it.

~~ Written by Meg ~~

Here’s hoping you all experience the love of Valentine’s Day, every day… and the joy that comes with giving ❤


9 thoughts on “a little love

  1. My husband and I will be married for 43 years in April. Each and every day is special…and we make sure to let each other know and feel that love in countless ways. We are very much in love:-)

    We are not the red roses and diamonds kind of couple, however, I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Not just for couples, but for sharing an extra little something with all the ones in our life. Again, we try to do that daily…but for me to send a card, write a note, make a call…just to remind a loved one of what a blessing they are to me, brings me (and hopefully them) much joy!

    And when my husband surprises me with an extra special token of his love, on St. Valentine’s Day, it brings a little extra joy and gratitude to my heart!

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  2. Oh Meg, you have just brought tears to my eyes. WOW, this piece you have written is BEAUTIFUL. I am absolutely going to share with others. Most of all, the meaning is exactly what I echo in my heart as 100% truth. In fact, it’s almost surreal how these exact words have been spoken just recently in my home and to others. It always saddens me when someone feels alone or sad on Valentine’s Day for the very reasons you just eloquently stated. It truly is just a day that retail has picked up to make money on. The real value and meaning of the day have been lost to the highest bidder financially.

    Indeed, EVERY single day should be Valentine’s Day – not just for couples, but for friends, close family members, beloved pets, even the strangers we pass by and have the ability to encourage. Love, empathy, and caring were never intended to be just a select few days in a year. I don’t know whether to be saddened or angered by the way it has been promoted.

    YOU GET IT and that makes my heart so very very full of joy! Not nearly enough people do understand what it truly means to receive and give love. It isn’t about stuff, even though a gift from someone can be special. It’s just that we should never take for granted the ones we care about. My friend, I love you and am grateful each and every day for you. I hope your Valentine’s Day and every single day is overflowing with love and goodness so that you know beyond knowing that YOU are amazing! 😘 Thank you for sharing this incredible piece and your heart with all of us! You’re a gem!

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    1. You make me blush, Holly ❤
      Thank you for this beautiful comment.
      I love how you also get it! And how very important it is TO get it!
      May you experience all consuming love every moment of every day ❤
      Sending hugs your way, my dear friend. xx

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