Are you hoarding it?

One of my happy places is being given the opportunity to read to a child / children.

For my daughter’s fifth birthday (eleven years ago, where has the time gone?!?), I really didn’t have a whole lot of money (not much has changed 😛 ), but wanted her to have a party. And so I decided to put my happy place to good use. I threw her a Cinderella party, and we played ‘pass the slipper’ (a plastic bling-ed up little girls high heel). But only after I had gathered the children around to read them the story of Cinderella.
(Yes, there were boys at the party, but I didn’t hear a single one of them complain 😉 There was, after all, cake 😛 )

Because of the age group, the parents stayed for the party. That was the day that I discovered that my happy place was not just a place – but a gifting of mine! That I definitely had a talent. Every single parent at the party approached me at some stage during the party to compliment me on my ‘story delivery’. The most surprising compliment came from a man! He said, ”Meg, I’ve always known you to be expressive – but oh man! You even had me mesmerised by the story. I know it well, because my daughter requests it often. I’ll never be able to read it like you can though!”

I’ve mentioned before, in a blog post from the past, that delightful movie called ”You’ve Got Mail”!
In the movie, Meg Ryan owns a bookstore called ‘The Shop Around the Corner’. And it’s the most exquisite little bookstore! Because she has a time set when the children can come, and she reads to them! She even dresses up to do so! I look nothing like that Meg, but this Meg would love to have that bookstore and do the exact same thing!

My daughter gave me the privilege of allowing me to read to her right up until she was eleven years old. People called me ridiculous, because no one could call me, visit me, or take me out between 6:30 and 7:30pm for many years. That was ‘my’ reading time – precious moments spent, reading to my daughter, sharing my love for books and, well, my love for reading.
It was very much the same thing with my son. And both my ‘children’ (now nearly 16 and 23) still spend hours reading.

Am I sharing this with you in order to brag? To ‘toot my own horn’? Nope. I am actually sharing it because it’s something I consider an ‘epic fail’ on my part… and although the ‘fail’ may not be the same, perhaps you find yourself in a similar predicament today.

I randomly came across these two images this morning, one directly after the other :

A talent is usually defined as a ‘natural aptitude or skill’. Aptitude? Well, that is the natural ability to excel in a certain area.

When I saw those two images, the first thing that sprang to mind was, ”When last did you read to a child, Meg?”
(Yes, apparently I am also talented when it comes to talking to myself 😛 )

And I instantly felt sad because this is the one thing I am fully confident in : I am an extremely expressive person who loves reading and takes great pleasure in sharing all of that with others by reading out loud to them. And I’m not doing it. (Quite possibly because I lack full confidence in other areas that may be hindering this one – to mention one : having someone video me and posting it online.)
I simply have to work on this! It’s important… and not just to me!

Because, for whoever is reading this and nodding their head :

Imagine how boring and awful this world would be if every person who had a talent kept it to themselves? We’d have no musicians, no books to read, no Netflix 😛 (the list goes on and on)

I am sure there are many things you can do well. But what is that one thing that you do the best? Are you sharing it with the world? Or is something holding you back?

I still don’t know how I am going to drown out the noise, conquer my fears, overcome the challenges in order to use this truly beautiful talent I have! (Suggestions are welcome 😉 They might not work because of where I live – but who knows where your suggestion might send my mind to thinking 😉 )

What I do know is this : We ALL need to find a way to use the talent we have been given.

In a world where we can be anything, the saying goes that we should be ‘kind’. And sometimes being kind to others is as simple as sharing our gift with them! ❤

7 thoughts on “Are you hoarding it?

  1. You know what! I’m done!
    This issss crazyyy! Omg.. the moment I read the line of you reading out.. and enjoying the activity.. I’m like “who is she talking about.? Me or herself?”
    I have absolutely no words to say this!
    I used to read out loud some fantasy and stories to the children who came to the library and then went on to read the famous classics, novels… And the idea? It was from the same movie! You’ve got mail! My god!!! I loved the movie because of the warmth it had and also because it portrayed something I am very much close to!
    I have always wanted a bookstore.. and I am working on it. I’m thinking about starting a stall for free.. I mean a place to hang out and read.. and reading out sessions for children…
    Thanks Meg! For the article!😉

    I loved this article so much!! And just so you know.. you could start something like a podcast!! It will be soo great!😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your enthusiasm is catchy – this comment made me smile broadly, and I really needed that, so thank you ❤
      I'm glad someone else loves this movie as much as I do 😉

      Podcast? What's that? Can you eat it? 😛
      Just kidding… I know what it is. But I haven't the first clue as to how to go about it. But in this day and age, that's no excuse, right? 😉 Guess I need to consult my friend, Google, and find out more about it. Thanks for the idea ❤

      One day, when your bookstore is up and running, you'll have to let me know… maybe I'll even just come work for you 😉

      Hope you have an amazing day, and thank you for commenting and adding some glow to my day 😉


      1. Google is having a thousand results on how to start a podcast. I think it will be a perfect platform for you!!

        You will have a spot for sure,.. a reading session! I’m sure it will be a great hit! 😃

        You are always welcome!!!😃😃😃 Have a great day ahead too!

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  2. Alright Meg, that’s not fair! You’ve got my mind’s wheels spinning a million miles an hour. 😀 I love how you set me to thinking about different subjects. That’s another gift you have!

    I’ll be honest with you, my friend; it made me so sad to hear of your fears. You are so breathtakingly beautiful and gifted. It makes me ANGRY at fear that it has the audacity to attempt to stop you from shining the beauty of you anywhere and everywhere you choose. I’m not sure how I can ‘see’ you being incredibly gifted at reading out loud to children and adults but it just…makes sense! In my mind’s eye, I can see you sitting there with a fully enthralled audience. So much so that my smile is beaming even as I write this.

    Just out of curiosity, could you have an online Zoom sort of set-up where children can join in as you read the story of the day? It might open the door to a safe local option for you? Or are there any churches perhaps that would allow you to come in and share with the children in this way? Hmm, there is definitely a way to make this happen for you again. I pray the Lord opens the perfect opportunity for you to pursue this dream on your heart.

    In all sincerity, I get where you’re coming from because in full transparency, my low self-worth/esteem keeps me from seeing the value in myself. It’s still a struggle for me all these years later to call out what’s good about me. Yet what you say is so very true. Talents were never meant to be hoarded or hidden. God gave us the very skills, talents, personality, traits, and whatever else it was we needed to be exactly who He placed in our hearts to be and do. If it’s there, there’s a reason! The great thing is; God never gives us a desire in our hearts that He hasn’t prepared the way for us to do. Sometimes we just have to ‘take out the trash’ before we have room for the goodness that is to come! ♥

    All my love, dearest Meg. You are amazing! I trust that soon, and very soon, I will hear you reading with giddy excitement to all who have ears to hear. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story and imagery of reading to your children. That touched my heart! What an awesome mama you are! 😘

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    1. You did it again! I am crying! This is ridiculous, ha ha ha!
      It is SO strange when I read some comments that you make, because it’s like you really do know me. Like we’ve had coffee, and sat and chatted. Like you see me in so many ways.

      Sadly, at the moment, we are in our ‘third wave’ of Covid, and although they haven’t shut us down as harshly as they have done before, we ARE very limited in numbers for gathering etc. So going in to schools and churches, to read to the children, is a big no. 😦 (I have actually approached a few, and even with my commitment to follow Covid protocol, the answer was ”it’s a great idea and under normal circumstances the answer would be yes, but I am afraid we have to say no”. )

      I actually started a little club, about five years ago. I used to read to the children, a story with a moral, and then we would make a craft item that they could keep, to remind them of the story, and the lesson. It wasn’t well supported, and eventually I stopped doing it. But before I stopped, I did a survey in the school I was running the club from, to try and figure out why so few kids participated, since it was on the school grounds after school and so transport was not an issue for the parents. I was horrified at the answers, especially since illiteracy is such a huge problem in my country. The two answers that were the majority were these : ”My child goes to school. Why do they need to spend another hour with extra schooling – reading and making stuff”, and ”Why must they be read to in order to learn things? They have television/tablets/cellphones.”
      It broke my tender heart because of my passion for reading. Reading to a child is so much more than just reading.
      Zoom is a good idea… but with the above excuses and reasoning, I think a lot would not sign in and be present.
      I’m starting to think I need to ‘suck it up and forget that fear’ and just start recording – however badly, and no matter how I look 😛

      The last week has piled on plenty of trash though (see my reply to your other comment – just when you thought things couldn’t get worse *sigh*) and you’re absolutely right. I need to work on taking this out trash, because it is all truly starting to stink 😛 (See, even in discouragement, I can be funny 😛 )

      Thank you, again, Holly… for your never-ending support, encouragement, and love. You are very much appreciated and such a very special part of my life. ❤

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