You are needed

Somewhere, someone threw an alarm clock, and it caused time to fly, and I am not even entirely sure what day it is today πŸ˜›

In the last few days, I have packed up my mother’s things, moved her to a new frail care facility, and unpacked everything for her on that side too. My body hurts in places I didn’t even know I had muscles πŸ˜›
Yes… it’s been exhausting. The ‘teething problems’ have been tough emotionally. It will be a while still till she settles properly.
BUT… I am grateful she is somewhere that she will be properly fed and cared for.
I am grateful that I had the strength and ability to be able to do all that I have done.
I am grateful that I have a home, and a warm bed, to finish my days with.
I am exhausted. But I can still smile. I have so much to smile about, after all. And what I don’t have? Well, then maybe I don’t need it πŸ˜‰

Now on to today’s blog post… whatever day today is πŸ˜›

I have a wonderful fellow blogger on here who I regularly exchange emails with. A very private person, who doesn’t really reveal too much, and yet there are plenty of things I DO know. And every day, I see something in my few minutes of mindless scrolling on Facebook that make me think of this person. Because it is just who I have got to know them to be – the things that have been revealed are evidence of this sort of character.

The image I am talking about reads like this :

”I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good I CAN do.” ~ Jana Stanfield

One of my friends added in the comments, because I shared the image, that ‘even a small light in a dark tunnel is still a light’. Somebody else said to me, ”Oh Megs, this is just YOU to a tee!”

My thoughts for today on this?

What words do people associate with you? But more importantly, what words would you WANT them to associate with you? And are you trying to live up to the those words, at least? Because trying, and slow progress, is better than no progress, remember? πŸ˜‰


Whatever day it is today πŸ˜› , and no matter what your day holds, try and be kind… try and do some good… because the world needs that, but more importantly, the world needs YOU!


8 thoughts on “You are needed

  1. This was motivating I must say. I just closed YouTube after listening to a show by Hasan Minhaj (a comedian you might be familiar with) on a very serious topic. And I felt like doing something.. but that thought naturally closed when I exited the app. But right now reading this, I am getting the vibe back!
    PS: I hope your mom’s doing great!!

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  2. Hi Meg,
    I hope that everything goes well with your mum and her move, I fully understand how difficult it can be especially when you consider the times that we are in.
    I was fortunate enough to be able to ensure that my Uncle was able to pass away at home after a lengthy illness.
    Life has changed so much over the last few months but I am thankful that I read your post just now because I find myself in very difficult times with a great deal of uncertainty especially centered around feeling needed.
    I trust that you and your family are remaining well.

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    1. Paul!!! It is so great to hear from you!!!
      I am so sorry to read that you are finding yourself in such difficult times 😦
      Take courage, my friend! There definitely so much uncertainty in general, and life has become a bit more of a challenge than usual 😦
      But please never forget that there is always hope… and that you ARE needed!
      I am hoping that you popping on here means that there will be a blog post from you soon.
      I have been thinking of you so much, and am so glad that you dropped by and said hi!
      Stay safe ❀


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