You’re going to be fine

Unfortunately, this morning I can identify with this so much – thanks Facebook 😛 – (although please know that this is not a ‘downer’ post)….

Yes… Meg is having a moment of sadness, with a temporary heaviness in her spirit… and I know that many of you may identify with this too, and that the rest of you will love me anyway 😛

I am sharing this, not because I want a sympathy vote, but because I really do try my best to be honest and transparent – I find that in doing so, it helps others too.

I’ll no doubt be back with some inspiring and motivating words soon 😉

For now I will simply say this :

I still stand by one of my favourite phrases : ”In the end, it will all be okay. And if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”

It really doesn’t feel like it. But I still believe it. And I will keep believing it.

There IS always hope. And while I wait for sunshine, I will find a way to dance in the rain. Because life is always beautiful.

Please remember that you, too, are allowed to have your moment. My wish for you is that in that moment, someone will love you, and remind you that there is still hope.

Take courage, my friends. And if you’re reading this in your moment, please accept a virtual hug from me ❤ (you can even have a virtual hug if you’re not in a moment 😉 )

12 thoughts on “You’re going to be fine

  1. Hi Meg,
    I want to say a massive thank you for sharing your post and thoughts, your honesty is inspiring to many and shows a depth of character and strength 💪 ❤
    It’s timely for me because as you know from my previous post I lost my Uncle recently and I will very shortly I think be saying goodbye to my Aunt, this couple have been the most influential in my life and I’m really grateful for their input into my life.
    I though believe very much in the principle that everything will work out as it should do in the end.🤗❤
    I hope that everything works out for you as it should do and that you receive the support and strength that you so richly deserve.
    I hope that you and your family stay safe and well and my thoughts and prayers are with you 🙏 ❤

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    1. Hey Robs. Well… most times I do KNOW that it IS going to be fine…. my mind just plays tricks on me and makes me worry 😛
      And I am not very good at the ‘F it all’ attitude, ha ha! But I hear you!
      Hope you’re well ❤

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      1. Actually no…. ha ha ha! It is Spring where I live at the moment. I’m fond of Spring, but dreading Summer, with its high humidity. Most of us don’t have aircons in our houses, so we struggle with the ‘barely breathing’ heat! Maybe that’s why I like Winter so much, ha ha! 😛

        As for Halloween? We don’t celebrate it over here. Up until a few years ago, it was a ‘nothing’. Now, some of the shops actually stock decor for it, and in my town, there are two or three pubs that may advertise something special for it. But trick or treating is too risky over here, sadly. I did see the other day on Facebook that a lady has organised an afternoon street walk (3pm to 5pm) in a nearby area, with most houses participating, supervised of course, and has invited all kids in our town to come with their parents. My ‘kids’ are big… 16 and 23… so we’re not going – although my daughter (16) loves the thought of anything that gives her the chance to dress up 😛 Ha ha ha!

        Hope you are having a super weekend ❤

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      2. Its spring there?
        At least you’ve got change of seasons like autumn, spring and all with significant changes.
        I live in India, and here you’ve got a great summer (great refers to the high temperature here of course, but basically in Kerala (a state in India) summer is moderate and joyful!) Winter doesn’t come with snow which is why I want to experience snowfall once at least! We’ve got no spring or autumn as significant seasons. Monsoon and summer are the mains here.
        Always wanted to experience fall, spring and winter! And celebrate the season festivals!

        Weekends aren’t chilling days anymore! Got plenty to do and now I feel it’s no different from the weekdays! Anyways looking forward to Christmas! Soon!

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      3. We don’t really get much of a fall here – but Spring definitely makes a difference with flowers and birds! 😉
        I live on the coast, so I never get snow either! You and I are the same in wishing for a ‘white something’ 😉

        I’m sorry to hear that you are so busy that even your weekends don’t bring time to relax. Here’s hoping that the days fly by to Christmas for you… and that with it will come lots of rest ❤


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