What a word!

There are still times in my life, and I am sure there always will be, where I find myself questioning and grappling, and even sometimes frustrated, when it comes to ”purpose”.

Not just its definition, or how it applies to my own life, or whether or not I have found it etc. But also on the days where something happens and I end up asking it in a different way : something along the lines of ”Well, what is the purpose of that?”

I very much doubt that I will ever have a concrete answer for any of it. That one word – purpose – and our lives and the situations we find ourselves in and how it applies and all comes together, and what it means, and and and…. well, the answers are just as infinite and the layers of them exponentially greater than those of any onion. (For those who have seen the movie, yes… I just used a ‘Shrek‘ reference 😛 )

Last week, I had a lengthy catch up telephone conversation with a young lady (she’s in her late twenties now) who I have known since she was 5 years old. I went from being her mom’s friend, when she was a little girl, to now being her friend, and big sister. (In fact, she has me listed as her sister on Facebook, which confuses many people – I get messages from old school acquaintances sometimes, who feel terrible for not knowing that I had a sister, ha ha ha!)

In this conversation, she was telling me about her husband’s sister who is a really talented singer, and is struggling to get a break – she’s young and naive and being taken advantage of by our local music world. We ended up talking about purpose in general. My friend, herself, is also frustrated – she has passions and talents, and just can’t seem to ‘get her break’ either. I offered her support, love and encouragement in ways, and with words, that I thought might be helpful. And there was a happy end to our conversation, and she still loves me… so I think I did okay 😛

The last few days have been grappling days for me. Days where my head is swimming with things like, ”What if what I am doing is not enough? What if I am failing at living out the purpose intended for me? Why isn’t there writing on my wall with a definitive that I can work from? Am I doing it wrong, because there isn’t actually anything tangible being produced here? I have nothing to show for any of it! What am I going to do?”

And this morning the friend that I mentioned above send me a picture message, and captioned it, ”This is you, endlessly! I love you, Meg!”

So I’ll end with the message to me, and share it as a message to all of you out there who may be able to identify with how I have been feeling (these feelings are temporary, but hey, they exist, so we might as well offer each other some encouragement for when we’re stuck in them, right? 😉 )


9 thoughts on “What a word!

  1. Hi Meg,
    Purpose can be very difficult to define and even more difficult to understand for ourselves what our purpose is both in our lives and the lives that we impact upon.
    I think from my own point of view its the time and effort that we put into our relationship with self and others.
    Every post that I have read of yours since I started following you exudes your willingness to share yourself openly with others and to allow them into your life, experience is a really good teacher to us all and I truly believe that part of your purpose is to help support and encourage others by living the life you live and for being the example that you are. ❤🤗
    Enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend that is coming up.

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      1. Hi Meg, I moved house a couple of months ago so I have been spending time buying furniture etc for it.
        Completed the desired look yesterday so I’m very pleased with myself and the support I have had from my girlfriend and my bestie so this weekend will be a time for some me time, I’m really looking forward to it 😊
        Next weekend I’m back on my travels and visiting with my Aunt so I’m getting prepared for that.
        I hope that you have an enjoyable and restful weekend also 🤗😃

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  2. Meg, I have absolutely no words to express how thankful I am to you for posting this. I really don’t know if this really means anything but Lemme just put it …. How would you feel when you get answers for a question that you never really questioned but remained in the dungeon of your heart, never coming out? I feel it .. right now.
    I’ve always wondered.. what am I doing with my life? Is this what a life really should be like..
    But then again, what IS life? It’s your world. And you should never try hard to define it.

    Last week, someone came to me and spoke with me for like an hour, and I must tell you, that person was a total stranger.
    But after that hour long conversation, we both went our own ways knowing nothing much about each other but some life changing realisations.
    I was a mere listener. But that moment, I felt that I helped myself a lot more than I even helped him.
    Life is amazing and beautiful if you find beauty in all those small “insignificant” moments.. who knows, they might not be really insignificant!

    PS: I’m sorry this is long.. but I really wanted to tell you this!

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    1. Please never apologise for long comments when you are sharing a piece of your heart and experience ❤ You just never know, someone may read my post and be unaffected, but read your comment and yell ''YES''! 😉

      There is something so very special about conversations with strangers, isn't there? I can So identify with that ''wow'' feeling when you part ways, and realise how meaningful that time actually was to you, even though you still don't really know them, and may never see them again! Life is, indeed, beautiful and amazing…. at the best of times, and even at the worst of times ❤

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      1. I think that sometimes even if we know that they WILL judge, we realise that it won’t make much difference, because we won’t be there to hear about it 😛
        There are those of us who are ‘safe’ though, and we should keep striving to be that! 😉

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