Quizzy Facebook

Years back, Facebook introduced a question in the place where you type your ‘status’, quite possibly to help inspire people as to what to post. Everyone jumped on that bandwagon for quite a while. I seldom see those answers anymore.

The question? ”What’s on your mind?

The multitude of answers were along the lines of ‘you don’t want to know’, and ‘wouldn’t you love to know’. And I laughed at each one, in relation to the person who had responded. It was just so applicable!

Facebook also has ‘Quizzes’. This is not a techy post… I do not know what basis is used for their results.
And many of the results are really just ‘generic’.
Occasionally, there are some that are just so true about me – well, things that I can ‘see’ as being ‘me’.
Sometimes a Facebook friend will post their result, and I find myself curious enough to go off and play as well, just to see what Facebook comes up with for me!

And so this is a fun blog post. Just because.

(Mostly because I had a memory pop up on Facebook from 3 years ago, and it made me smile. So here goes some sharing 😛 )

Apparently my classic rock song is : Don’t stop believin’ ~ Journey
And the added Facebook caption is : ”Giving up isn’t in your vocabulary. You will stop at nothing to achieve your goals.” Wellllll…. actually…. I’ve been known to say, ”I give up” 😛 and there are definitely circumstances that would cause me to stop and not achieve my goals – like if it meant hurting someone else etc. I highly doubt that the Facebook caption is intended to be so ‘overthought’ though, ha ha!

Then there was this one…

The job that suits me is apparently that of a teacher, according to another Facebook quiz. Not too surprising, I suppose, because an aptitude test once told me that I am best suited in a role of teaching and counselling.

And apparently the summary of my life is as follows :

Nope. I am not ‘all that’. Clearly most of the images that I post to Facebook are in the general theme of the analyses above 😛 I am very far from perfect. And just to confirm :

Apparently I am not at all good with pick up lines. My particular pick up line, that I would apparently use, is :
”Let’s flip a coin. Heads, you’re mine! Tails, I’m yours!”
(Shaking my head and laughing here!)

And according to a Facebook quiz, if you hurt me, I turn into a wild lion that is hard to tame! 😮

I’ll close with another job related one. This one honestly shocked me, and had me laugh so loudly that both my dogs went to bark at my front door, thinking someone was outside!
The job that suits my face? A PRIEST!

Oh my goodness! Thank you, Facebook, for the laughs. At least I can find some fun in you sometimes 😛 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone! ❤

10 thoughts on “Quizzy Facebook

  1. Hey! Im pretty sure I used that pickup line in a past life. I’m also pretty sure it didn’t go over well. 🤷‍♂️
    Fun post! Thank you for more than a few morning chuckles.

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  2. A lion dressed up as a priest walks into a bar. A man walks up and asks her out. She asks the bartender for a coin.

    Confused, The bartender and the man, asks why. “So I know if I’ll be yours, or you’ll be mine.” The man agrees.

    She flips the coin, and it lands upright, neither heads or tails. What does she say?

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  3. 🤣 that’s brill. I hardly ever use Facebook because of very strange people and what’s on their minds. Also I used to use Facebook because of all the very strange people and whats on their minds 🤣
    I had a go at lots of those quizzes and got some hilarious personal analysis 🤣

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    1. I am definitely a weirdo. I can go for days without even looking at it… or maybe just spending 5 minutes there to share something…. and then there’ll be a day where I’ll waste an hour doing something dumb on there – like playing these silly games!!!! Ha ha ha!


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