These five words…

But, what if I don’t?

For more than a month now, these words have been floating around in my head, altogether as a sentence, and I have NO idea why!

There have been hours where I have sat down, and carefully considered them. Attempted to figure out exactly what it is they apply to. And I’ve got nothing! No answer! No great wisdom imparted on me!

I’ve pushed them out of my head, and not thought about them! Because sometimes when we don’t think about something, the answers come to us, right?
In this case? Wrong! Ha!

And even when I am not thinking about them, they pop up at the most random times – just a thought that has no bearing on whatever situation I find myself in.

”But, what if I don’t?”

I’ve even googled them! And I am still clueless as to their ‘why’ in my brain!
It did, however, provide me with an opportunity to laugh – giving answers (sometimes when I have left out the ‘but’) along the lines of pregnancy choices (good grief, no!); romantic song lyrics (again : good grief, no! 😛 ); the inability to control someone’s loyalty (huh?) etc.
One search even suggested, ”what if I don’t pay my taxes?” Well, I do. So it’s not that one either! Ha ha!

I still have NO idea why those words are repeating themselves in my head a million times. I do know that there are a lot of little things I could probably apply them to… but at the same time, something in me says, ”Nope, that’s not it! Try again!”

In my search for meaning for these silly five words, I found some inspiration for us all for this Monday 😉

Here’s to starting, wherever you are! ❤


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