Power Struggle

For real!

Power… as in electricity.
Not the kind that runs through our veins 😛
The kind that powers a household… lights, no camera, but fan action for the heat (no aircon).
The kind that a business needs to be able to operate.
The kind didn’t exist way back when.. but we’ve been really grateful ever since it got discovered!


I’ve mentioned loadshedding before. Where they cut our power for time periods throughout the day and night. Suffice to say we have an energy crisis. BUT! In order for me to NOT get all political on you, and maintain my inner peace on this very humid Sunday morning, I shall refrain from saying more. You’ll have to Google it! Ha! (And it may be best not to discuss it with me 😛 )

ANYWAY…. we’ve reached pretty ridiculous levels of it the last few weeks.

(interesting side note : MY town, where I live, is the only one who loadsheds 3 and a half hours at a time! Everyone else has 2 and a half hour slots. Hmmmm.)

I’ve had more than my fair share of days where the schedule means that out of the 16 waking hours in my day, we only have power for SIX hours!
Bearing in mind, my water supply dwindles when there is loadshedding too.
So… in those 6 hours, I am trying to catch up with washing (clothes, dishes), shower, vacuum and clean the house, try and give attention to computer work stuff, etc.
AND, our humidity levels have been at around 94%. With very little cool wind accompanying it.
So when you are done rushing around trying to accomplish all you need to before the next time slot, and you’re starting to overheat, and finally get a chance to sit down. BAM! The fan goes off. Sigh!

BUT, HEY! AT LEAST WE STILL HAVE POWER, RIGHT? I have to work really hard to find the rainbows here 😛 😉

All of the above is my reason for being so absent.

Just when I was getting back into the swing of things, our ONLY electricity supplier said, ”NOPE!”

(Insert massive eye roll here 😛 )

Today, I have a reprieve of sorts. Our power was off last night from 11pm till 2:30am, and then again 3am till 6:30am this morning.
The good news is that it means I have a whole day electricity today – unless they changes stages again and notify us last minute of a new schedule. My power will be off this evening again from 6pm till 9:30pm.
But I have today 😉

My washing machine is working overtime, my vacuum cleaner awaits. But I had to pop in here and say HI 😉 Because I can 😉

And I thought I’d share some romance, just because. 😉

I love music. It’s hard to choose a genre. It’s even more difficult to pick a favourite song!

And yet, the one that gets me every time, is good old Frank Sinatra, and ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.

It’s been on my mind a lot the last few days and I find myself singing and humming it quite a bit.
NOOOOO! There is no romance in the air – no new interest for me. (Loadshedding DOES mean occasional candles though, and what’s more romantic than that 😉 )

But perhaps it reminds me that one day there might still be. Who knows?!?!?!

What I DO know is that it makes me feel warm, and it makes me smile.

May you all have love in your lives this festive season.
May someone glow when they think of you.
May you touch someone’s heart.

May your world be romantic, even if just for a moment, even if not with a partner 😉 ❤