Blogger Recognition Award

I received this award from my blogging friend Read Between the Lyme.
She honored me with the recognition more than a week ago. And I am only now ‘getting to it’. Thank you for the nomination 🙂
There has been a lot going on the past few weeks. My dad is here for a visit, but this time he has come alone, and not with any Welsh relatives. We have had a wonderful visit, and I am reminded yet again of how the simplest of moments can result in precious memories to cherish. And we most certainly will cherish them.

Of course this is no excuse for taking a sabbatical from blogging – but my coffee cup is empty, and I am slightly tired after being up half the night with the dog – so you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t list all the other reasons.

Moving on to this delightful award, which I am so very grateful to have been nominated for:


Simple rules to follow:

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog got started.
  • Give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers.
  • Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  • Make sure to also attach the award itself! Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.

My very first blog post with WordPress can be found here.
I suppose it doesn’t really explain HOW my blog got started though.
I started blogging about ten years ago, on a different blogging platform.
I had made friends (purely by chance) with a quirky and lovely man, who was a computer whizz, and I think he felt I had a lot of things to say that were worthwhile. He also seemed to pick up on a form of loneliness in my soul, and asked me if I had ever tried blogging before. I didn’t even know what it was – in my country there are still people who don’t know what a blog is!
He briefly ran through the ins and outs, and then signed me up to a blogging site (not Word Press). I was thrilled, and began my journey into the blogging world – blogging about life, and my children, and where we lived. I made some amazing friends on that journey, most of whom I am still in contact with today. One of those friends is my very best friend – we Skype, we email, we chat online, we Facebook. Sometimes I wonder if her and I were separated at birth, ha!
I stopped blogging on that particular site about six years ago – a lot of my friends had moved on and were no longer in ‘my’ blogging world, but remained in touch via the world of Facebook.
Last year, I got to thinking about the days when I used to blog, and how much I enjoyed the lessons learned and benefited from other people’s experiences, and making new friends and being part of a whole ‘other world and community’ without leaving the comfort of my home, or having to pay a babysitter.
And so I joined the Word Press world. Although admittedly, I am finding things a little more difficult this time around. I have made a few blogging friends though, and love the advice and encouragement and knowledge I glean from reading what they have to say.

Advice for new bloggers?
Who knows. I’m still learning, even though I have been blogging for years now.
I suppose I could say that you need to decide who you’re blogging for, research that area, and then go for it. As you can see by my blog, I pretty much blog for ‘me and my friends’ – but if I was wanting to promote one health product in particular, then I guess my blogging and site would be focused on all things pertaining to that, not only the product, but health wise.
If that makes any sense?
A second piece of advice, I suppose, would be that you should try and interact with others – but always respect them. Remember the rule : If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all. I know people ‘put themselves out there’, and we all have the right to an opinion – but just because you don’t agree with what someone has posted, respect them enough to know that it’s their opinion – and without naming and shaming, maybe retaliate with a blog post of your own?
(This goes for all the Facebook Fundi’s who don’t seem to know about respect anymore as well, and verbally attack and argue openly on the public forum. It makes it so unpleasant. Sigh.)
But then again, maybe I am just ‘old school’, and have a different way of doing things?

I know that the point of these awards is to genuinely pick the correct amount of people, think it through, and name them. But for me, every person who takes the time to read my posts should receive an award :

They have given me a moment of time that they can never get back, and for that I am very grateful.

So if you are reading this, then you are a blogger who deserves recognition, and you may consider yourself nominated!
Please let me know if you play along, because I don’t want to miss your stories!


Meet Contestant 1: Megan Griffiths

Just in case any of you who read my last post are looking for more random facts about me 😉
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You may want to also follow the Endever blog. I hear there may be another writing contest coming soon – and you can also keep an eye on all the other things they’ll be getting up to in the near future 🙂
Thank you, everyone!

Ten Days Left! Don’t Miss Out

For those of you who have not yet entered….

Life Through the Big Screen


This is the shortest post you will likely see on this blog.


There are only ten days left to submit your short story for a chance to win $150.

Now I’m going to do that thing your bosses put on event memos because they think it’s hilarious and clever. (Me? I just think it’s a way to get wordy people like me to the point.)

When: The deadline is February 25th.

What: 500-words. Must be fiction.

Who*: Anyone over thirteen can enter.

Why: To win $150, three finalists will be posted here for readers to vote on, winner will get a chance to publish a short story with Endever Publishing Studios, my new startup publishing company.

Where: Here is where you submit –> CLICK HERE.

Questions?: Contact us at

*This can also be answered in the form of who will be judging your stories. See below.

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What’s your handle?

My son actually seemed rather delighted by the fact that his mother has a blog – a little fact he discovered a week ago. How he has been oblivious to this little fact is beyond me. Then again, it shouldn’t be. He’s seventeen. Unobservant for the most part, and ever-so-slightly self absorbed. His discovery came upon the heels of mentioning another blog to me, and my comment of ‘perhaps posting something to that effect on my blog’.

“You have a blog, Mom? That is so cool!”

To say I was surprised by his reaction is probably an understatement. His request to actually see my blog left me more than a little stunned. I was flabbergasted when he actually sat down and read a few of my posts. And if you’d breathed too hard on me, I probably would have fallen over when he said, “Gee Mom, you’re quite good.”

There was a downside to all of this though. It came a few minutes later, when he was about to vacate my seat at the computer, and he suddenly saw it.

“Oh no! Mom! Seriously?”

This didn’t surprise me in any way, and I didn’t even need to ask what he was referring to. I knew. We’d had this conversation about my Skype account. I rolled my eyes for dramatic effect, and explained my reasoning behind what he was commenting on. He laughed – too hard, for my liking – and then shrugged, leaving me alone in the dining area. He did call out a few seconds later from his bedroom,
“Actually Mom, I guess it’s kind of clever, and at least it’s better than your Skype.”

I stuck out my tongue, like a two-year-old, even though there was no one in the room to see me, and yelled back, ‘Thanks’. I still don’t know what tone I was meaning to use, but it came out sounding slightly sarcastic, and brought him back into the sitting room area, where we established that it actually was genuinely quite clever in his eyes, and that this was a situation of no harm, no foul.

Of course, he was talking about my ‘name’.

No Passing Fancy was borne from things in my life that have been ‘passing fancies’. Things that serve their purpose for a very short space of time, and then I move on. I wanted this blog to be something I could be dedicated to, somewhere that I could commit to writing things down – be them for humor, encouragement – or as a source of information on some topics. This blog was not for the intention of being another ‘passing fancy’ in my life. I also wanted to try and build a ‘network of followers’ – people who would take a few minutes to come along and read my posts. I wanted them to keep coming back – I didn’t want to be a ‘passing fancy’ on their list either.
And the name ‘No Passing Fancy’ came to be.

My Skype name is a little more ‘interesting’.

I have to warn you right now – I am very seldom on Skype, and if you send me any requests there, it may take a good few weeks for me to actually see them and accept. If I do happen to be on there, then there is a really good chance that I am actually on a Skype call with my ‘best friend and sister’ in Kansas. Here goes the story of my Skype name:

My son recently added Skype to his mobile, in order to participate in a chat with two other classmates for a discussion on a project. He wanted to test it out first before giving them his Skype name, because he wasn’t really sure how Skype worked, so better to fail with mom than anyone else. He came through to my bedroom, where I was hanging out with my dog and trying to read my new thriller without being disturbed. Looking rather sheepish, he asked me for my Skype name so that he could add me. I told him what it was, and he looked up from his phone and said just one word, in a bit of a ‘drawn out, whiny’ kind of way.

“Why?” Even after my explanation, he shook his head in that ‘my mom is so embarrassing’ kind of way, and walked slowly back to his own room. Later, however, I did get a Skype message from him saying, ‘Okay. I get it. I guess it’s not that bad.’

prisonerofhope1. Yes, that’s my Skype name. And I can’t see that it can be that bad, considering I had to add the ‘1’ because someone is already using it.

When I got divorced many years ago, it was actually my dad who asked me to create a Skype account. Back then, I didn’t have webcam capabilities on the ‘ancient’ laptop I was using, but at least it meant that he could call me internationally and talk to us, for a whole lot less than on the telephone. At that time, there was a magnet on my fridge that had a Bible verse on it which had been given to me by a close friend as part of an ‘encouragement parcel’ she had put together for me just after my divorce. (I don’t know what ever happened to that magnet!)

It spoke of prisoners of hope returning to their fortress, and having twice as much restored to them.

Those words, ‘prisoners of hope’, seemed to increase the blood flowing into my heart and mind, and etched themselves into my soul. Because during my divorce, everything was so overwhelming and there were so many obstacles suddenly before me that I had never even considered a ‘possibility’ in my life, ever. During that time emotions ran high, and I seemed to move between anger and sadness with each minute that passed – which led to moments of great confusion when I didn’t know what I was actually feeling, if anything at all.

But I just couldn’t give up hope. Something in me wouldn’t allow it. I would speak the words, “Oh, it’s hopeless”, and yet in my heart I knew that I still ‘hoped’. I hoped my emotions would eventually be a little more under control; I hoped that I would be able to survive financially even with two children to support; I hoped that one day I would be blessed with a romantic relationship again – not soon, but one day; I hoped that there would not be too many things to impact my children’s lives negatively. I hoped.

And every time I opened my fridge I would laugh out loud and tell myself, “Yip. You’re a prisoner of hope all right, my girl!”
So when I was asked to set up a Skype account and needed to think of my Skype name, not a single other thing came to mind other than what I eternally seem to be : a prisoner of hope!

What’s your ‘handle’, and why? (….if you feel like sharing, I’d love to read about it….)


Writers! Fifteen Days Left to Win $150

Just in case my few readers haven’t heard about this, it might be worth your while to have a look. You’re all incredibly talented writers, the evidence of which is contained in all your blog posts….so come on, all you great writers, enter the contest 😉

Life Through the Big Screen

Time’s ticking.

We want to make sure everyone knows to get their 500-word short stories in by February 25th to not only win $150, but to get published. Here’s how it works and what this is for… (if you already know the details, save yourself some time and go ahead and reblog this or share this on Twitter/Facebook for all your writers’ circles).

I’ve started a publishing company called Endever Publishing Studios. The ideas behind it are pretty awesome and if you’re interested in ever being published, you might want to take a look at this five-minute video.

We want to remain a debt-free business from the start, so we’re hosting a writing contest to raise funds for the company. The first $150 we receive will be awarded to the winner.

The winner will be chosen after we choose three finalists to post here on this blog as well as on

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On Writing: Finishing That Novel

I love the way this is written, and his little tips certainly help me immensely. I needed to reblog this particular one though, because for me it is just so applicable – and not just to writing. It applies to my life in general – switching off from distractions to focus on whatever task may be at hand.

Life Through the Big Screen

Thank you Michael D. of The Breakout Chronicles for asking the below question on my post, On Writing: Ask Away!!

“Do you have any tips for maintaining the drive necessary to actually complete a novel? I have multiple ideas and have started numerous projects…finishing things, however is a problem.”

Other than actually sitting down and writing your novel, doing it over and over and over and over again until it is finished just might be the hardest thing about writing.

How do I maintain my drive necessary to actually complete a novel? Well, in my adult life I’ve completed four novels thus far, so I must have the answer.


I have LOTS of answers. And I’m going to provide them to you. Because one day one thing might work which might not work the next day. So tactics, for me, change constantly.

(Keep in mind, I have undiagnosed ADHD, so if…

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Motivational Rejection

I did a strange thing today. I emailed an application for a job that wasn’t being advertised.

Probably not one of the stupidest things I have done.

Rejection was inevitable – but in that moment of the negative reply, I was motivated. Initially, I was actually shocked when the reply appeared in my inbox. He’d actually replied. To a job application. For a job that doesn’t exist.

I guess now would be as good a time as any to explain. But in my head, the explanation is so involved and complicated. For reading purposes, and possible time constraints that you as the reader may have, I’ll do my best to limit this post to a few minutes of your time.

The situation is something like this : I find myself in a rather difficult place financially. This is mostly because I am a single mom, who does not receive maintenance for either of my children (there are lengthy explanations for this, and the law doesn’t help – but that’s a whole different matter entirely).

The mostly part is significant – being responsible for two other humans can be taxing in many ways – emotionally, physically, and financially. There is a small part though that has contributed to the financial difficulties – which, depending how you look at it – may not be so small.

*side note : May I just add that my mother has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and is unfortunately becoming more fragile at an alarming rate – the disease is progressing quickly, her body is struggling, but her mind is still very much alive.  While she is still able to only just sustain herself financially – the physical and emotional responsibilities will rest on my shoulders in a month’s time, as she will be moving in here due to the inability of being able to cope on her own any longer.*

Back to that small part that is also an influence on my finances.
In high school, I was always considered highly intelligent – in fact, I was popular with the cool crowd. But only because I usually had the homework that needed to be copied. I wouldn’t say I was an ugly duckling, but I wasn’t ever going to be accepted by the cool kids. In an effort to gain that acceptance, despite knowing differently anyway, (and wanting to prove myself with a small act of rebellion against parental authority), I attended a festival – and wound up in a vehicle that was involved in an accident. I was rather badly injured. Recovery was a costly process time-wise, and meant that I had to wait and sit substitute exams in order to complete my schooling. I am not sure what happened, but the year I should have started studying, I then found myself instead at the start of a pregnancy. My son was born nine months later.

All the best intentions of studying further were consumed by relationship and the responsibilities that come with that, as well as a growing infant who needed me too. Finances also didn’t really allow for further education. The worst part? I was actually okay with that. I was ‘happy’, to a point, with my life the way it was. Before I knew it, time passed me by.

I sit here, at age 37, unable to find work that will support my children and I, because I have no certificates or diplomas behind me. Work credentials no longer matter, work experience and the ability to get the job done, have become a thing of the past in my town. If you don’t have the piece of paper, you don’t get the job. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you have the piece of paper, but can’t do the job. Sense? This makes none.

The desire to study now is not just about the above. It goes a little deeper than that. It’s the fact that I really want to learn. In my family, you haven’t achieved if you don’t have the pieces of paper. Oh, to have acknowledgement and be popular with the people who are supposed to love you, no matter what. It’s a desire I fear will never be met. It’s not just about them though. It’s about me. It’s about wanting the knowledge that I am not just a ‘pretty face’ who let her brain go to waste. There’s a definite sense of personal fulfilment in all of this.

Right. So that was a bit of background. If you skipped over half of it, I wouldn’t blame you.

Back to the beginning. I am known (even at the local supermarket) as a motivating and encouraging person who smiles all the while, even when my heart is breaking. I have learnt, courtesy of wrong choices and some extremely terrible consequences, how to move forward. I have learnt which battles are worth fighting; which things can be changed and more importantly to make peace with the things that can’t. To accept, to not judge, to be kind.  And to always wear a smile, because you’re never fully dressed without one.

As a human being, I have my off days, and I fail. But in a nutshell, the above is pretty much who I am. And for the off days, there’s always chocolate.

I run a small reading club for children, which happens on a Friday afternoon. But I have found that, while it is popular with the children (who ask all the time why we can’t do it every day), the club has not grown – and as a single income source, it’s not sustaining us. I need to find some form of mornings only work, to add to this income, in order for us to survive.

Where I live, these positions are extremely difficult to come by. And considering that my town has the highest unemployment rate in my country, I am sure you will understand when I say that my chances don’t look good. I remain hopeful though – I often joke that I am a Prisoner of Hope in every area of my life. I just don’t seem capable of giving up.

So, this morning, I did it. I was searching the available job ads, as I do every morning as part of my second cup of coffee routine. And I saw it. It wasn’t a job advertisement. But it advertised a company that focuses on wellness coaching. My three dream jobs, in no particular order, are as follows :

To become a writer; to become a motivational speaker; to work for an events company. The advert got me to thinking…and since I am a firm believer in ‘you’ll never know until you try’, I tried.

I sent him an email, outlining who I was. I then explained that I was emailing him to enquire as to any available positions within the company in a ‘mornings only’ or contract role.

His rejection came an hour later. It was a simple email – and since his job is ‘mental coaching’, the encouraging statement at the end might just have been related to the fact that he’s really good at what he does.

He said : “You sound like a person who sees things as they are. Good. Please keep on searching. Someone will notice you.”

Part of his job, or not, his rejection of employment (in all fairness, he has moved towns and does not require an employee in my area) helped tremendously. You see, I had stepped out of the box for a moment. I took myself out of my comfort zone, and asked for something that I knew was not available anyway. As far as personal growth goes – forget giant leaps for mankind. It was a giant leap for my mind – the abilities that I have and so often neglect to see when I am overwhelmed by so many other things, like the lack of a certificate or diploma.

I have been motivated to not hide behind applications for jobs advertised alone, but to take the leap of faith and try other avenues too. Because you never know, if you don’t try.

Feeling rather chuffed

I was nominated for another award. This may not seem like much to some, but to me it’s viewed in high regard – and naturally inspires me to blog more, and blog better. (Speaking of which, I better get cracking because I need to post something again relatively soon.) It’s most humbling for me, because I never thought anyone would actually read my blogs – after all, how much do I have to say that is deemed worthy as great reading?

So the award is called the Premio Dardos award. I was nominated by the lovely Genuinelyellie and am very appreciate for the nomination. Thank you, thank you. 🙂

The award is (according to what I found at her site) awarded to bloggers by bloggers, for “recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values that are transmitted in the form of creative and original writing ideas.”

There’s no need to do anything, or expose yourself to answering questions that you may find too personal either. It’s just a small matter of thanking the person who nominated you (that would be me), posting the badge on your page, and nominating 15 other fellow bloggers ….. notifying those you nominated. (In no particular order.)


The award is now passed along to the following fellow bloggers :

Dennis Cardiff

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Kaitlin Bain

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