Yesterday morning was a difficult one.

Sometimes something will happen, and suddenly a whole new perspective and level of concern is opened up as you fully realise the impact of a situation to the lives around you.

My heart just started to hurt. And I cried. And as much as I wanted to suddenly reach out and help everyone all at once, I couldn’t. So I just did what I could.

During the course of the day, I was again shocked at how much selfishness is out there… but there was a light at the end of the tunnel as someone revealed to me that I need not lose hope in all of humanity. The kindness shown to me healed a small part of my hurting heart – and restored my faith, knowing that that person will be part of the chain reaction of kindness and assistance for my fellow human beings.

Because we all need to do our part, however small, with whatever we have, at a time like this. This virus outbreak has taught me many important lessons – one of them being that ‘a little truly does go a long way’. 

I woke up this morning, and I was overwhelmed by the things that have occurred in my suburb in the eight hours that I slept.
(My town is divided into suburbs – there are approximately 300 000 people living in my town – but in my area (suburb) there are only about 13 000 of us.)

And I was overwhelmed in a bad way.

It’s not even the virus itself. As bad as it is, and as much as it is affecting the world.

It’s the repercussions of the virus – the way lock down is now impacting us.

I spent an hour writing blog posts in my head – to reveal what we are now dealing with, to make people aware, to help you understand where I am coming from.

But it’s all just too negative. And we have enough of that to deal with right now.

I will share at a later stage… but I’m still a bit raw from it all… and finding the right words is going to take a little bit of time.

So instead I am going to ask you to keep us in your thoughts – and prayers, if it’s something you do. But not just me and my kids – my country as a whole.

And to please remember to be part of the chain reaction of kindness – doing whatever you can with whatever you have, even if you can only positively impact one person a day. 

I’m okay. My kids are okay. And I am grateful.

Be a light in the darkness when and where you can.

May you all continue to remain safe, and sane. ❤