Ducks and Squirrels


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This aptly describes life at the moment. I’m considering busting a few moves myself. If you can’t beat them, join them 😉

Although, to be honest….

I forcefully removed myself from the dark valley slump I was in, and last night I got myself organised in anticipation of the next lot of challenges that may be heading my way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel… and if it’s another train coming? My bag is packed and I am ready to ride!

I have a rather long list of to do’s that need to get done. My squirrels are gyrating on some long lost island for now, and I have ducks! Hooray!



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Yeah, it’s cool. I am okay. I’ve got this!

Do you have ducks, or squirrels?

Don’t worry if you have squirrels…. we all need to have a little fun every now and then – nothing wrong with a little techno trot 😉

Creepy Callers



Darkness has finally come, but with its cloak the coolness it usually brings remains evasive. Instead the sticky fingers of humidity continue to plague every inch of my body – not even leaving my scalp untouched by their nastiness.

I sit on the back porch, sipping my iced water, waiting patiently for the arrival of my latest nightly disturbance. The yellow bucket with its lid firmly in place waits at my feet.

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It’s Raining Animals!

Most little girls dream of a four-poster bed. Let’s face it: even if you’re a tomboy, a four-poster bed is pretty cool. It acts as a really large tent where you can hide out and plot your revenge on older brothers who left you ‘hiding’ in the cupboard for the past three hours, instead of coming to ‘seek you out’ as promised.
I have to admit that I leaned more towards princess than tomboy as a girl, but I guess I’ve had my moments – and being a single mom for almost ten years, I have found myself on a learning curve of ‘being a guy’ and doing the ‘guy stuff’.

As a young Princess, I plotted many revenges against my brothers – and they usually ended with ‘to the dungeon’, and ‘off with their heads’ – but since they are both very much alive and well, I am sure you understand that all of this was just fantasy.

As was the four-poster bed. I’ve never had one. My grandmother did make me one for my doll when I was about eight though, so I was pretty lucky.

But did you know?

The four-poster bed originated to afford protection from things falling on people?

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