Intro Extro and Balance

Lately I have been struggling with the whole concept of being an introvert or an extrovert. I think this is because I used to be an extreme extrovert, and after a few other ex’s under my belt and years of wisdom added to my youthfulness,  I appear to have switched gears and find myself feeling  like I am more of an introvert.

I’ve done some research, and apparently I am wrong. You see, research indicates that you can’t switch from one to the other. That said, apparently as we get older, we naturally develop certain brain functions, which then result in us become ‘well-rounded’.

In my internet browsing, I found a site (plenty, actually) with questionnaires to indicate whether or not you’re an introvert. My answers below are based on the one you can find here

Do I enjoy having time to myself? Yes.
The strange thing is that up until 3 years ago, I hated it. It distressed me to be ‘by myself’ – even if I had a good book to read. I needed to know that there was someone else around. Nowadays, I look forward to alone-time – and it’s definitely a time to recharge my flat battery. The quiet does me good (although I seem to take longer than most to be fully charged). But I can definitely ‘social’ when I need to.

Do I think best when I’m alone? Sometimes.
This answer is neither here nor there. I suppose it all depends on the thoughts. I do know that I value the input of others, and regularly seek advice (usually from people who I know will not be too disappointed if I don’t do what they think I should do). Some results I simply cannot achieve alone – I know my limitations, and act accordingly – when it comes to thinking, at least. 😉

Can I only lead when a group are self-starters? No.
If it’s one thing I haven’t lost from my childhood, it’s the ability to lead. I wouldn’t say I am always a good  leader but I have great leadership qualities… matter who might be a part of the target group.

Do I raise my hand last when something is required from a group? Yes.
Sadly, my days of volunteering and taking on a multitude of tasks that utterly overwhelm me and end in great distress, are over. I still volunteer for various activities – sometimes even without being asked – but again, I know my limitations.

Do other people ask for my opinion? Sometimes.
It depends on the people. My brother used to have a poster of a huge orang-utan that said, “If I want your opinion, I will beat it out of you”. So he never asked for mine, and I doubt he ever will. But others have been known to come to me – when I answer my phone or open the door, that is 😛 (Just kidding – no, really. I DO answer!)

Do I often wear headphones in a public situation? No.
For others? I don’t judge. But for me, personally, I would feel like I was being rude. (And besides, they’d mess up my hair)

Do I prefer not to engage with people who are angry and upset? No.
I have a teenage son. Enough said. 😉

While I am not confrontational, I don’t like for people to be angry OR upset, and so will do my best to step in and assist, if that’s what they want.

Do I get more calls, texts and emails than what I make? Yes.
And I’m not counting all the junk mail that comes in – how do these people find me!!??!!

Do I initiate small talk with sales people and people with whom I have casual contact? Yes.
This is actually a big ‘yes’. A trip to the local supermarket for just bread and milk is usually a half hour affair. There’s the man who packs the shelves, who shows me the latest pictures of his niece and chats about the antics of the world of children; the manager on duty who I stop to chat to about how their day is going and offer a little encouragement (and a laugh if it’s particularly bad); the cashier who I chat to about the weather, and various other small talk items.

Then there’s always the ‘other person in the queue’ etc. etc.

I smile a lot. And yes, I am chatty to a certain degree. I exhaust myself sometimes! 😛

All in all, I have four yes answers; two sometimes answers and three no answers. When I think about it, I appear to be somewhat balanced, and well-rounded (and I don’t just mean my figure 😛 ).

My goodness, I AM getting older. 😛 😉