The need to do


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I remember reading once that so long as you have inspiration, you will be naturally motivated and push forward to achieve whatever it is that you’re focusing on.

This weekend, remembering what I had read, I was confused.

Because here’s the thing : I am never lacking in inspiration as such, for some odd reason.
And although I experienced and was inspired by so much the last few days, and still feel inspired and excited about a variety of things…

My get up and go seems to have got up and went. 

A conversation yesterday with my not-blood sister in the USA brought a little clarity – no, my get up and go is not with her either. In actual fact, she’s feeling a little bit the same way and asked my to please send her motivation back to her own country when it shows up at my door 😛 😉

I think that the subconscious impact of this virus, and lock down, is playing a part in the feelings I am having – because although I am fine, and I feel fine, and I remain inspired and am doing all I can to help others during this difficult time….

Something is ‘off’.

And it’s not just the rotten apple I found when I emptied my daughter’s sports bag. Ha ha ha!

I’m still me. Still finding humor and maintaining a general well being. I’m nowhere near panic mode, and am still very much a prisoner of something beautiful : hope.

But in the back of my mind, and evident in the projected ‘lack of motivation’, this whole situation is definitely taking its toll. 

My country is taking this virus very seriously, and have implemented very harsh restrictions. I cannot buy wool, or paint, or anything to use for home maintenance. No hobby type things, no puzzles. Because it’s not considered an essential item. Apparently neither is alcohol or cigarettes, because that’s been banned too. People are bored, and can’t help but whine – because, well, they can’t wineAnd the nastiness towards each other in our local little community groups on social media is sad.
That said, it leaves me EXTREMELY grateful that my kettle, fridge, washing machine, and computer are all in working order – because if they break, we can’t replace them, even if we have the money. Apparently these are non essential items too?!?!?!

And forever grateful that I have internet access at this time.

Such confusing times! 

And in the conversation mentioned yesterday, while both of us were seeking something to get us to ‘get going and accomplish something’, (because we both actually have work/ a vision/ a business/things to do) there was this reminder :

It’s up to me. I need to just do it. Whatever it is. Just do it. Because no one else is going to. And no one else can do it like I can. 

Because I have something to offer. I have potential. Much may have been done before that is similar, or the same – but not with my heart, my views, my soul, my effort. 

There is a plan and purpose for my life – and it’s not just to have an inspired mind.

Reflection is good for the soul, and sometimes having a day or two to ‘just be’, and not ‘do’ anything is good too. 

But when it reaches a point where you begin to feel discouraged and dissatisfied, then it’s time to DO!

And so I am writing this blog post 😉 And then I am going to print out some pages of a resource that I have been promising myself I would work on for the past week.

Small things… small tasks… but it’s the little things that truly do count, because I am starting to feel a little better already 😉

Please stay safe, dear readers.

It’s in the little things of that moment when…

Today is a day where I find myself experiencing chronic fatigue, and an overwhelming urge to pull the duvet over my head and sleep till all the big things that are plaguing me and causing me undue stress have passed – because all things pass and come to an end sometime, right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to the big things, ignoring them or hiding from them does not make them go away – they just become bigger, and more overwhelming. They need to be dealt with, one step at a time. Giants need to be faced – even if you have to wear an adult diaper to do so.

It’s taken me a really long time (pretty much my whole life) to realize that when the big things threaten my peace of mind and leave me feeling lost in a sea of hopelessness, I should take a moment and remember some of the good ‘little’ things that make me happy. In doing so, I am usually able to draw a little extra strength for the tasks at hand.

So here are some ‘memories’ for my ‘little things’ today :

– That moment when you’re away from harsh lights and the big city, and look up at the night sky, and see a million stars looking back at you.

– That moment when you’ve reached the end of a long day, and are driving home in exhaustion, and are able to experience the glorious colors of a beautiful sunset.

– That moment when you wake with a start, see the time and realize you’re going to be so late, and then remember it’s Saturday and you can close your eyes again!

– That moment when your child spontaneously turns to you and says the magic words, “Thank you for all that you do for us, Mom”.

– That moment when you’ve tried a new recipe and it looks good, and tastes even better!

What are some of your ‘little things’?