Choosing Wisely

When I was about four years old, I had a cassette tape with children’s songs on it. I don’t remember what it was called, and can only vaguely recall the colours of its little covering. But funnily enough, I still remember quite a few of the songs, and still sometimes sing them.

My search to find some of them online has been futile. And I am sad about that. I have asked several people my age, and have even sung the songs to them, but their knowledge of them has returned a negative result. Then again, while I am sure the tunes I have sung have been spot on, I am not so sure that I have remembered all the words correctly – which I guess may also be why my search results have been zero.

Don’t worry – I won’t be uploading an audio file of me singing πŸ˜›

I saw this and it had me singing one of those songs :


Photo credit :

The words to the song, that I am sure I remember.. sort of.. go something like this :

”Crossness is catchy like the the fever,
Crossness is catchy like the flu,
So send a little smile, spreading mile by mile,
’cause friendliness is catchy too, thank goodness,
friendliness is catchy too!”

In these uncertain times, let us consider all of the above. And please choose wisely.

Today I am so thankful that even though human contact is a no, I still have the wonderful opportunity to stay in touch with people, and spread heartfelt love, support and encouragement through the internet.


18 thoughts on “Choosing Wisely

      1. Haha! I haven’t heard that usage of ‘evergreen’ before, I’m not really sure what you mean lol.

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      2. Haha! I get you, that’s quite a nice usage of it πŸ™‚.

        Who should singβ€” me or Megan? Lol. I already do sing actually, but can’t do it publicly now I’m out of practice.

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  1. LOVE this post my friend! Lord knows in this ridiculous madness we’re all living in, every ounce of positivity, joy and goodness we can muster should be shared! These times either bring out the very best in people or the very worst.

    I adore that quote image and your song lyrics. They are both absolute truth. Kindness and its ‘cousins’ are always contagious. Hallelujah for that!

    As for you singing, it would be a lot of fun me thinks! Singing is great for the soul πŸ™‚ Make a joyful noise, right? πŸ€— I bet your singing is wonderful!

    All my love to you dear friend. Always a joy to come here and read your words. Love you! Praying you & yours stay safe in the midst of the storm.

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    1. Thank you, lovely Holly.
      I’m a bit shy about it, but I absolutely love to sing πŸ˜‰
      In fact, growing up, I used to sing a lot! Between the ages of 6 and 12, I actually took singing lessons… and competed every year in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa. I even once got a gold medal for one of my solo’s – which was a HUGE thing because the judging was VERY strict!
      I didn’t do much with my voice in high school – that was when the low self esteem kicked in.
      And my singing voice now is nowhere near what it used to be, and completely out of practice. But I DO sing a lot – mostly for pleasure. Definitely not brave enough to ever try karaoke in front of other people though, ha ha ha!

      Thinking of you and sending loads of love ❀

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  2. I too was thinking the same thing not just about music but about lots of different things.
    We have the opportunity and right to choose our reactions to any given situation and even in these most difficult of times we can choose how we react to them.
    One of my favourite Doris Day songs was Que ce ra ce ra and the words went
    Que ce ra ce ra whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see Que ce ra ce ra.
    I think that this is really a useful way of looking at things currently.
    I hope that both you and your family remain safe and well and my thoughts and prayers reach out to you all πŸ™β€οΈπŸ’πŸ€—

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